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  1. No. It's not a wordpress site. Our blog is, but the theme of that is all our own too...
  2. See anything similar between these two? http://www.scorchlondon.com http://filmari-brasov.ro/index.php
  3. Well I didn't do the survey, which I guess makes it inaccurate, as I've got some pretty wild opinions and working practices. Or they'll have a statistic about how many motion graphic designers are too lazy/stupid/unaware to fill out surveys.
  4. As the race intensifies for the Christmas number one here in the UK, I think you can guess who we're backing...
  5. It is defintely not as clear cut as Kylie makes it sound. I'm sure that the amount of people just coming up with concepts and getting their minions to execute them is very small indeed, certainly in the majority of this industry. It does sound like a great job though and something to aspire to, just being a pure director of motion graphics projects. That said, if you can come up with great concepts then you have a career for life. That is the part I find most challenging and difficult. It'll often take 2 weeks coming up with an idea and 3 days executing it! I think great concepts are harder to learn, develop and stay fresh with. With the technical side you can just get better and better over time, but creativity sometimes doesn't work like that. It is a bit like the music analogy, but in reverse. You can teach someone to write a song and develop that skill, but can you teach someone who can't sing to sing?
  6. As far as I know, you can add video to a surface in the same way you would a texture. Just go into the materials editor and in the color box click the arrow and 'load image', choose your quicktime, then click the arrow again and 'edit' and then 'animation' and set the start and end points of the video in frames. Although, reading the above, I can see that I would be rubbish at writing tutorials! There may well be a quicker/better way but that's how I've done it. Also, with a cube you'll need to make sure the quicktime is square....I think. But I am a novice at Cinema 4D so apologies if this is all nonsense!
  7. Look very cool, some really nice stuff on there, congrats.
  8. You could try being a girl. There aren't many girl mographers that I've ever met, but the ones I have are damn good!
  9. You could start by designing a nice little logo for yourself, it shows you have some design skills, and you really need to start seeing yourself as a brand if you need to make money. Have some fun with it too!
  10. The site itself is easy to understand and purposeful, but the design itself seems to lack some personality. Simple is good, but it's almost too simple given you can clearly draw and design stuff very well indeed. One of the things I love about Psyop and Blue Zoos sites is that they have a really nice raw creative feel to them whilst still being commercial. I love the scroll thing on the homepage, and in the other sections, although on the homepage I thought it would make sense if it was clickable as navigation somehow as opposed to simply being a gimmick. I also think the video player would be better if the videos played automatically rather than having to click play after you've already clicked on the project button. It's an extra click that internet users used to youtube etc don't expect to have to make. I know it's a shell for Vimeo, but you could easily make/buy your own flash player to do that. As far as the work itself goes, I really like where you are going with it and I love the originality of it, but what is the overall aim of the site? Is it to get freelance work, to get a job, or just to showcase work to your peers, or all three? The main thing I notice about the work is that it lacks commercial pacing, it tends to be quite slow and whilst that is nice to watch sometimes, many people are not going to stick with it on a website. For the people commissioning jobs, when there are thousands of other sites and animators and showreels vying for their attention, your site would sadly be looked over all too quickly. If the aim of it is not commercial then I take it all back, but if it is, then you need to inject a bit of "look at me, look at me!" about it if that makes sense. Overall, if I'd had half your talent when I graduated then I would have been very happy with myself, and I like that you're not simply following the latest trend, and going your own way. You will do well, of that I am sure.
  11. scorch

    Total Post amnesty

    pretty impressed with this thread, haven't looked here for a couple of years and now there's like 300 posts, and meaningless ones at that! awesome... good to see people still know how to waste time
  12. I started on a 350Mhz iMac in 2001 Then came a 1.6Ghz G5 in 2004 Then a Dual 2.7Ghz G5 in 2005 Then a Dual 3Ghz Mac Pro in 2007 Now a Quad 2.8Ghz Mac Pro came along in 2008 Has my mograph got any easier or quicker.....no! Same rendering time, same working time, I don't sit on a beach for 4 days of the week. My conclusion... It doesn't matter what you work on, you will still spend the same amount of time working! ..and yes, to answer your question, you can do motion graphics on anything you wish, you will get used to it and it will seem fine, as long as you don't start comparing it to anything more powerful
  13. Well, I never used to get 7 replies to posts, and this one isn't even about anything, so things must have changed! Perhaps I've got more interesting but virtue of being elusive... Thanks for your kind words, I shall endeavor to post genuinely interesting/useful stuff from now on, rather than self-indulgent waffle
  14. The short answer is, you can't. The alpha option only works if you want to mask out everything that's within the area the layer occupies. There may be another clever trick for it, but I'm not sure there is.
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