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  1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate all the feedback.
  2. Okay here's what I am trying to do in After Effects... I have a grid layout of square layers. I want to have each of these auto-orient individually towards a camera. But when I pre-comp them it just auto-orients the entire pre-comp of the grid towards the camera. I am trying to hide the fact that these layers a paper-thin by having them always look at the camera. Is there any work-around, expression, any thing to get it to work? Auto-orient works fine before I pre-comp but I would ideally want to pre-comp the grid because it consists of a lot of squares. Thanks in advance for reading/your help. -Ryan
  3. I was planning to move west coast, but I am ready to relocate wherever an opportunity arises. I will put an intro, but is just a title card fine or would that look to generic? I was just trying to make my reel take up as little time as possible, so an intro without some camera/text move would shorten that. Sean is still teaching there, he was my favorite instructor there.
  4. Okay thanks for that input, the career services person at my school crossed off the references section. They seem to just make you put whatever they think is good and not give a reason (I didn't agree with them, but they more than I do) The salvation army thing was one of the first projects I ever made so yes I can tell why it looks basic. I will take that out. I will fix the type on my site as well, I saved it with a transparent background so that maybe why the edges are so jagged looking. Thanks a lot, I will fix these things. Anyone else want to critique? I have a lot to improve on, and people on here are good at noticing weak points.
  5. I just graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. This is my first reel, I would like to add more to it before mailing it out. But I would really appreciate any critiques you have to offer. I have a long way to go and any critiques I can get will help me improve. http://www.ryanedwards.tv/ Thanks in advance for taking the time to watch/critique my reel. -Ryan
  6. These work great! Thanks a lot for all the help guys I really appreciate all the different solutions you came up with.
  7. I was wondering if there is an expression for this... I have multiple layers and I want to move them in Z, but I want them to scale to compensate for the new distance. So it looks like nothing has changed in a front view, but when you rotate the camera you notice that the layers are all spaced out. I know this is possible to do by hand but I have a lot of layers and think something like this would cut down time. Thanks in advance for reading/helping with this.
  8. That mtv spot was on the last issue of Stash (issue 28) They have a trailer for that issue on their site, there is a small clip of the spot about half way into the quicktime. http://www.stashmedia.tv/video/Stash28_trailer.zip it's pretty quick -- but its better than nothing. Hope this helps.
  9. If you are doing green screen you can also key the footage, then make a new solid layer below it. Have it read the alpha from the green screen as a track matte. That way you can change the solid (silhouette) color on the fly.
  10. Yeah haha, I am not too into viral things. Like how many times will we be into seeing people hurt themselves or hurt animals. Sure its embedded in our brains to like it but I'd rather see a short narrative or a film over a bunch of 60 second clips of people being fools.
  11. redwards

    How old are you?

    21 years. Almost done with school, using After Effects for 2 years. Hope I have something to offer the real world with it.
  12. Thanks a lot for all the replies.
  13. I am doing a personal project, and I want to use royalty-free images of tropical elements. Anything along the lines of islands, rain forests, tropical plants. I am going to use individual elements and composite them together. I have only found the educational version of Corbis, and Stock Exchange (http://www.sxc.hu/) to be a good resource so far. Everything else I come across through Google are either very low resolution sites or just a shot of the coast, one palm tree and a couple. If anyone knows of a good site please let me know. Thanks in advance!
  14. Speed up your animations, with the slow pace of the masking-on for each word it makes me lose interest in what the info is.
  15. Thanks for the link. I'll have to order this.
  16. http://mk12.com/ They put their logo in the bottom right of their reel.
  17. I agree, if you're afraid of someone trying to take credit by showing off the quicktime just watermark it like MK12 does.
  18. Great video--It plays on the site fine. But do the ‘Download Movie’ Links work for anyone? I can’t get any of the combinations to open anything that asks me to save somewhere. They rollover but that’s about it, clicking doesn’t seem to do anything.
  19. If only I too had magic powers, wonder if harry potter will do this.
  20. redwards

    No Pattern bleh

    He is just a little bit older than me. I saw his site a few years back, when it was just photos. I will admit I am jealous he had drive then, still does. I had to go to school and play it safe and hope to get a work ethic. He took the initiative, most people would just say ‘I have an idea’ and never do anything about it. It does suck that on his site it used to say that the reason for ‘Nopattern’ was because he’d evolve and never repeat himself. But throw money my way, praise me and I think I’d start to play it safe. He does seem to be improving the glow-style he does, so at least he’s trying to better that sort of work. He seems to draw a lot too, but yeah I am waiting to see something new, another pattern from him.
  21. Thanks a lot for the insight Binky. I was worried that people would base a negative opinion of me by my URL/name. But I guess as long as I represent myself the way I think is appropriate I should be fine—but opinions will happen no matter what. I was just mainly afraid the URL would turn people off, and the regular name approach would be a safe/common way. I think I am going to try the nick name approach now—I just hope I pull it off and others can get a close impression of me from it/the site/work. I get that most people won’t get to my site unless it has merit to be exposed to them out there on the web; I am just new to this and have no real world experience yet. I didn’t want to assume things and expect people to accept me because I just put it out there. I wanted to make sure I was on base. My initial fear I guess was just that they’d see some name that got picked out of a dictionary and think I was trying to have some company by myself and wasn’t just a kid looking to get hired and work for a studio to start out.
  22. Thanks Sao, yeah I just wanted to make sure because Dform1 and Renascent did epic work and seemed like they did freelance and Hello Logan seemed like a 2 guy studio. I don’t expect to be mature enough to do freelance right after school so wanted to get hired by a studio at first. I was trying to play it safe I guess, and school advice was a bit narrow. But thanks for the tip, seems like I will be running around a lot trying to find work a lot so a nickname will help in the long run.
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