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  1. I have a grid array made from a single plane. It uses a video texture. I want to somehow apply 3 or 4 video textures to distribute randomly throughout the grid. Does anyone know how to do this?
  2. Thanks buddy. I just may. How will I know who you are?
  3. Would you ever mold your rate depending on the size of the company? If they are small time and primarily working on little bumpers and no commercials or entertainment spots, would you charge less or more? Or would you consider how long they have been in the game?
  4. I've been told $80 per hour is a lot. In usual circumstances, yes I will agree with that. Yet for this situation, would you consider that fair?
  5. So should I fix my rate so that it reflects being overtime, since I will be working after hours? Should I be compensated for not having a life of my own? It makes more sense to me to charge more during the weekdays ($80 per hour) and a little less during the weekends ($500 per day). Eh?
  6. Hey Gang, I've recently been interested in remote freelance work. I've talked with a few of my buddies about working at home, yet haven't aquired a solid rate for the situation. It's been suggested that the typical (per day) charge is applicable. However already working at a studio during the day, significantly depletes the hours i am available. If I am asked to work on a project from home and only have so many hours do do it in (6pm - 3am) would it be fair to charge per day? Should the company even know that I have a fulltime job in the first place? What are your thoughts?
  7. patricka

    Bojou 3

    Hey Buddy, I had a similar question a few months back. The most helpful tip I recieved was to maintain all of the After Effects composition's properties (aspect ratio, fps, interpolation, etc...) in Boujou as well. I was constantly exporting from Boujou and attempting to import into After Effects with the same problem: the timing was slightly off. Hope this helps.
  8. patricka


    Does anyone know of any freelance resources. Recruiters? Forums? I don't intend on intruding. I assume that the methods for establishing yourself as a freelancer is sensitvie and sometimes confidential. However, if there is any input you could provide on the subject, I would be very curious to hear you out.
  9. patricka


    A friend of mine is about to graduate and start looking for jobs in NYC. These are all the resources I know. Do you know any others? SURFSTATION NEWSTODAY XPLSV MOTIONOGRAPHER
  10. Good to hear that you want to be a motionographer! Congrats. However the others are posing a good question you should be aware of and ask yourself. What type of Motionographer? I've known someone who focused purely on Graphic Design and Typography for four years and then learned after effects on the side. Now he is an Art Director, because he focused on design, rather than motion. Concept rather than tedious execution. So if you want to be an Art Director quickly, I would sugget that method. Your other options would be 1. Designer / Animator (most common) 2. 3D artist (more tedious unless you love it, and less likely to advance in the creative concept aspect of the business) or 3. Production Assistant (if you screw up and don't figure out what you want to do) However, I don't pretend to know everything about the business yet. But I am willing to contribute as much as I can. I am curious to hear what others think. On the program front: Adobe Creative Suite 2 Adobe After Effects 7 Maxon Cinema 4d That's all you really need to get by.
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    Good to hear. How is everyone else doing?
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    How are you doing?
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