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  1. Mostly anything that is popular here... . bling bling and glossy galore...
  2. I need to shoot a talent holding water jug in front of a green screen. How does water key out on a green screen? Anyone with any experience doing this? Thanks.
  3. The film is about a mysterious old man who lives by himself in a small house. Part of the VO goes something like... "he does not have children, but he has toys...", " what does he do in there?" I think it was a thesis project of someone. Someone maybe from SCAD. I wish I had more info. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. yes exactly. do you know anything about this? we have the 9.0.2 update but still its acting strange. giving problems with render farm too. i.e. loosing links with assets/files in the middle of the ram preview and crying out "missing footage"
  5. CS4 has been crashing quite a bit at our studios as well. with something called a chenchilla error. Anyone had that?also have you guys tried to do trim comp? On my CS4 it truncates the layer randomly when i try trimming the timeline.
  6. not sure if this is already covered here but. AE does all the mathametical calculation for you in any filed that takes number. so in you want something to rotate 1/5 of 360 degrees you can just in put 360/5 in the value field.
  7. So You Are Saying All Clips From Network Need To Be Image Sequence And Audio Separate? I Am Having Similiar Issues But In My Case Links Are Getting Broken. I Guess I Could Try Using Image Sequence Rather Then .Mov And See If The Problem Goes Away. Thanks For The Info.
  8. Thanks guys for all your response. I actually do have my multi processor off. I have a 1 gb connection and a dual core mac. i will let you guys know if/when our IT guy is able to fix this. thanks all.
  9. We work off of a server and every so often the link to the files in after effect projects get broken and AE gives a missing file error. This generally happens in the middle of a ram preview or render. This only happens to files on server, files on my local hd never have issues. The files are always there in the same location, but AE seems to break the links with it every so often. Has this happed to anyone? We are all scratching our heads here.
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    you might find little help on my blog http://yamirsblog.blogspot.com/search/labe...oolkit%20Format
  11. could you share with us how you achieved it?
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    yep i am rendering locally.
  13. yamirb


    no, no motion blur, I keep myself away from that as much as possible. just bunch of lights and a large floor. My guess is once i use a pre-render for the floor i will know better how much of the delay is due the lights alone. Thanks all for your inputs.
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    that was what i was trying to get an answer to. I have about 10 lights in a 30 sec animation. they are native in AE not from C4D
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