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  1. pk™

    Art from Code

    Pretty cool stuff.
  2. I updated and have been having issues. I don't know if they stem from the update though. I am running a 2.33GHz macbook pro with 3gig RAM. I am working on a reel right now and have been having very strange issues. Playback of clips "freezes". I have tried rendering out using animation, H.264, PNG and have received the same unpredictable results. It's as if a when a give project is displayed, the given frames don't advance in that video, thus having 5-10 sec looking at what looks like a still. The audio plays through and when you get to the next clip, it plays though. This happens at different places and different times every time I render. I suspect my machine, but could have something to do with QT too.
  3. pk™

    Settling in

    Man, it's been awhile since I was posting here. I have been really busy with work (like all of you) and have recently relocated to Southern Cali. I have a new job at a cool place, new apartment all rented out, new car and my wife and I are getting ready for our 1st child due at the end of Feb. I hope to be around more as we settle in.
  4. There are aspects I like (namely the frame), but am pretty disappointed. Who are they listening to and trying to please?!
  5. pk™

    Jesus H.

    What a terrible experience. I am sorry to hear that this happened at all, but am happy that things worked out. I agree with the others that you did the right thing. Crazy shit man.
  6. My wife a friend and I went to the 12:01 thursday night show. I thought the movie was the best Batman film to date. Yes, Health was right on with the joker, but I felt like the other characters were well done. Going to see it in IMAX on the weekend.
  7. pk™

    GTA IV

    Well, I went out and bought a PS3 and GTA IV over the weekend. Geeze. . . The vastness is simply amazing. Great game thus far. Load times are great, everything runs smooth.
  8. pk™

    GTA IV

    You guys are killing me. I haven't made it to the store yet for my ps3 or GTAIV. Looking forward to the weekend.
  9. pk™

    GTA IV

    I am buying a PS3 this week because of this.
  10. pk™

    Film Crews

    Well, The possibilities are: Boston, New York, Possibly LA.
  11. pk™

    Film Crews

    We have a rather large project that we are starting up that will entail Finding a studio for filming green screen and a film crew. Who do you guys recommend? There is a possibility of traveling around to several locations too. Thanks in advance.
  12. pk™


    We are currently running tests on a polarized version as well. Everything looks really cool, we just need to run a few more tests to decide which way to go. Appreciate the input.
  13. pk™


    Thanks a ton for the response and the link. If we can get everything sorted out, I will post up how we resolve the issue. We will be designing our own glasses, and will be posting the project in the coming months.
  14. I am currently working on a project that will be stereoscopic. Everything is working fine and dandy. The only issue we have been running into thus far, is when viewing through the glasses, the entire thing becomes desaturated a little. Is this due to the red and blue channels canceling out certain colors? When viewing the two different camera shots individually, they have plenty of color and saturation. Any ideas?
  15. Thanks for all the responses and update. I have the issue on animation as well for whatever reason. I will be looking forward to that update.
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