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  1. Wow! thanks really cool thanks! Would love to see the xpresso sometime too. I figured something out with the cloner and sub-dividing the model as necessary to get the result but it was a pain in the butt.
  2. Having a bit of trouble getting a hexagonal pattern cloned onto a surface. I have found some tips online for creating the actual structure and that is going well in a cloner, but what I need to do now is clone those onto a sweeping architectural surface. Imagine a sweep nurb that has been tapered and twisted and then made editable. It would be easy if it was just a texture thing, but this has to have animation via an effector. Any thoughts would be appreciated. thanks!
  3. Just and update on this in case anyone is interested. An animated boole is working pretty nice actually. It was popping and then found out that for animation you should have the "High Quality" checked off. Still not where I want it but getting there.
  4. Thanks! those are all great ideas. I guess the issues we are dealing with is thickness. I figured out a way to do the animated reveal like on the black rubber portion of the glove example... for the texture itself, but we need thickness to the object and the reveal as well. Like a soccer ball forming for example, where the bladder is animated on and then the outer layer "grows" on with the look of the ref but with thickness to the geometry. Tried some cloth nurbs and boolean but it really screws up the textures.
  5. I am looking to create something similar in C4D as at :10 in this awesome video where the rubber glove texture is brought on. Any thoughts on how to create this would be super helpful as we are a bit stuck
  6. Hopefully saved you a little bit of time
  7. Always frustrated with the cinema icon being the same? Me too.. so I created R13-16, Net Render, and Team Render icons for windows and mac last night. They are availabe for download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xgmgin749apsz19/Cinema%20ICONS.zip?dl=0
  8. Would second CMG as well. Was going to be teaching a class this year and the plan was to use that as the text.
  9. It would be more of a practical guide to working with Cinema. Not a manual but not a tutorial. For example a section on mograph would have they very briefest of brief statements on what Mograph is/does and then have details about workflow tips, problems that have been faced and solved and ways to work smart and fast. Ideally focusing on all the major parts of C4D that there are and I have used over time..... more of workflow and production in real world rather than a manual or training approach. As of now I have about 63 pages of notes that would need to be refined, explained and then annotated with pictures and examples of scenes. I was a late night thought really but wanted to check on the interest of others before a lengthy process. Thanks
  10. Thanks Scott -- Thats my personal feelings as well but its something I saw on a general Spec Delivery sheet... followed by "all projects are different"
  11. Hey everyone -- For years I have been working in cinema 4D and taking a massive amount of notes as I learn. I have recently been considering taking some "downtime" (hahahhah, right?) and writing an ebook about everything. Wondering with the vast knowledge on the internet and video tutorials if this is something that would have interest or if the idea is just too outdated.
  12. hmmmm... JKorenman -- This is for a sports network and wondering if that would work as well. Looking at 12-15 minutes a frame out of 3D so less frames is way better. I think I will set two renders this weekend and test in the AM on Monday. Thanks... anyone else have thoughts?
  13. WOOOOHOOOOO!!!! Now I know what I am doing this weekend
  14. Thanks everyone.. that confirmed my thoughts.
  15. Please forgive my technical ignorance, but have not had to deal with this issues in a long time. We are working on a broadcast package for a major network and they are asking for the deliverables in 59.94. Normally we work in 29.97 and since it is a very heavy 3D package I would of course like to reduce render time as much as possible. This said, is it an appropriate workflow to render out as 29.97 in AE and then convert with AE later to 59.97. Again it has been a long time since I have had to think about this and would love any suggestions to make this a smooth process. Thanks!!
  16. Nothing at all I guess. Just getting up and running with it for a project and had no idea that it could go out to alembic files or bake from within the plugin itself. Guess I have a lot to learn. Thanks
  17. I would definitely care! any more info you are willing to share/post would be amazing. Dose anyone else out there have experience baking Xpartilces? Maybe using something like NitroBake?
  18. This sounds awesome! Aromakat -- Are there any good resources for turning the Amazon machines into render nodes that see your network?
  19. I would have to with AromaKat -- You can go down to Microcenter in Denver and buy the parts yourself and make two awesome machines for the 12K sticker tag... or 1 awesome machine and like 9 render nodes. Unless you really have this Octance already locked down and running at full speed, I personally think its a waste of money. A good friend recently completed an amazing Octane animation with two cards in one computer. If you dont have a specific need for these GPU's, and in my mind its really for large scale simulation rather than rendering, you can get away with even 600 series 4GB GTX cards. You save money and then use that to get new machines in a year or two instead of 4-5 years. I use a very similar i7 processor (just last gen and overclocked to 4.5GHz) and it can handle anything AE can through at it. I have also actually found that the best way to work is to use background renderer pro and set 1 core to render at max and I can background render up to 4 or 5 comps at the same time while working and its all fairly heavy broadcast work. Swing in next week and take a look. Also remember too that adding more cards for GPU is to my knowledge less effecient in render speed that having the cards spaced out in different machines. Most programs are limited by the amount of VRAM on the cards but not the CUDA cores so you may end up with 10 gagillion cores opperaing on 6 gig of ram
  20. Hey John -- Couple notes on my end and feel free to stop by yourself or with your team and check out what we are running here. Email or call with any questions. CPU/MB -- I would skip the dual socket mother board and xeons and go for a top of the line i7 (the extreme version even) and then a pro series or workstation rated motherboard. -- The reason for this is that those CPU's run about 2K each and for 4K you can set yourself up with at stupid fast workstation that's overclocked to 4.5GHz. The Xeons are nice but way too costly IMO. Same think for the MB, at 1K you can build out a nice case of your own with great parts and save a ton. GPU -- If you have the cash for the titans then spend it but I would personally say to run 2 or maybe 3 high end gaming cards. Stacking cards does not seem to double the Octane speeed but instead only run a bit faster per card added. I have some friends that sold their titans to double down on 780's. You can get them with 4 gig ram for cheap (relatively) RAM -- Way more that that. If you go with a standard or high end board, max it out at 64 or 128 GB since you can simply use more programs at once. SSD -- boot drive buy something super reliable like a samsung pro. and then the cache drive who cares just a cheap SSD Project drive -- Ideally get 7200 drives at like 2-3 TB and raid 2 or 3 of them together. much faster than that 10K drive alone. Windows 7 is my jam for now but thats because I never want to upgrade early. My basic stance and reasoning behind all this that what you want is a high end responsive workstation to get work done fast and then a beast of a renderer as well. These things are not always something that is best when combined into one machine. Our studio opted for the most responsive workstations we can afford and then threw the rest of the money at a PC render farm to support that side of things. The nodes we built are just a MB with on board video, a cheap overclocked processor (i7) and a small HD. They come in at about 700-800 with windows and all. if you added a 400 video card for octane, you are still only looking at about $1200 max for something that clocks in near to the old 12 MP tower. Our thoughts we to have a render farm that processes and a workstation that builds. Then research the CPUs you are looking at and see what adds up to the best cinebench score. Looks like one of these machines would be roughly 14K and say you were going to build 3 of them in the studio for a total of 52K. You could instead build out 3 beast workstations at 6-7K and have 31K for render nodes. At even 1.5K per node for the farm, you could have almost 21 8core machines for that cash and the thing would destroy your projects.
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