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  1. Been a long time fan of the site and my company in Denver recently released our new show reel. Please check it out and would love to know anyone's thoughts or comments! Thanks http://freed-motion.com/project/2014-demo-reel/
  2. Aromakat -- Is the QNAP much faster that something like the Lacie Big 5 Office NAS? Thats what we currently have but when we have more than two people (which is everyday) we see a slow down in performance and transfer speed.
  3. Hhahahah.... the sheep push notification would be the worst. But overall it is a handy tool to check. Yes you need to make sure not to use it on date night with the wife/girlfriend but it's pretty nice. Suck that the free version is gone but still worth the dough IMO.
  4. I have not use it myself but I have heard that Logmein's "Cubby" is a great way to do exactly this. I personnally use our FTP and Logmein to start/stop and check on renders from home and manage things remotely. I have even used this to do some basic versioning remotely from my latop and phone.
  5. Maybe I am missing something but this 2014 updates is all minor IMO. Nothing to double the speed or make workflow faster or less cumbersome. The whole point and only exciting aspect of the CC deal is that it is only ever one app that you update instead of having three different versions of AE. Seems like the CC world of updates just increases release speed and bugs without providing us with much
  6. Fucking hell.... It seems like they can't even stick to their own actual idea or conceptual model for the software. Tell me again why that is better than just get (or not getting) disks mailed or downloaded. Ugghhhh. But instead of sticking with that nice model we get shit like Voice and now CC 2014. Personally holding off even downloading the damn updates (that I pay for) until it hits CC 2016 or my head just explodes.
  7. May be a little late to the game on this but could you not just use Adobe Media Encoder and presets to ensure conformity. We have use that to deliver close to 10K files this year in a range of settings. Doing a blog post on it soon.
  8. That really sucks if you us an SSD as I would not have enough room to have CS6, CC and CC 2014. Total garbage. I am staying on CS6 until there are major speed improvements or clients send me files that need CC. And I do own both CS6 physical copies and three seats of CC for my business. Nothing but a hassle so far IMO.
  9. I have some time over the summer when its a bit slower so please let me know what I can do to help you out and will try to get it done.
  10. Yeah this shit happened to me and it took 4 FOUR!!! months to get resolved. Total crap. I want my damn discs instead of this stuff. Especially when CS45 for AE had most of the features I use as mainstays anywary..... GRRRRRRRRRR This topic makes my blood boil.
  11. Had a freelancer in this week with one of these and it actually looked really nice. Did not work on it myself though.
  12. there is a push apart effector out there somewhere that may help too
  13. Thought I would chime in as I have been on both sides of this arena, as a freelance and as a studio owner hiring freelancers. As a freelancer I have always found that rate is a hard thing to gauge and an even harder thing to set the original level. I guess something that helps is knowing the range of your market (or the market you may be working remotely in). If its a big market and you are near the top, you probably know what your rate is and won't even be reading this thread. If you are just starting out its tough... When I personally quit my last full time job I started to figure out based on a number of factors including: quality, speed, trouble shooting/technical ability, attention to detail, project lead ability, cost of living (ie what are my bills), and ability to work with others. This may seem normal or strange, but those are all qualities I thought would impact my usefulness to a studio and therefore increase/decrease my rate. If you can make great work, but it takes you forever... or if you are super fast but really sloppy then your utility to a studio decreases. As far as hours go it seems that everything I have seen in CO, CA and NYC are 10 hour days. Some people require less and others require more or even insane hours. Stipulating your over 10 hours rate is key for those clients. So is being reasonable on your end. If you work two 9 hour days for a client and then one 11, I personally think you are crazy to charge them for that. But... that also depends on the market where you are. i.e., how easily replaceable are you. Clients/Shops that require loooong hours you can always raise your rate or turn down the work to continue the relationship. Our industry is fast paced and deadline driven and as much as possible in my studio, I try to keep 9-5 hours for both freelancers and staff. There are times that this is just not possible though and personally would expect employees to stay and work if I am and freelancers to do the same and bring up the discussion of overtime hours if it is alot. As far as practical testing, its really difficult and my best advice is to find a rate that works for you for some clients and slowly raise it as you gain new ones. You will find a spot that works for both of you.
  14. I think that you need to look at a reel at a representation at a point in time of you as an artist. If you are really putting thought behind creating your reel then its all about music selection to represent your work and the feeling of the edit that you want to convey... from there its about the edit of that. The work you have there is solid with out a doubt.. the track is very well known and a slow pace (outside of the glitches) What its comes down to is really some sort of basic story telling... through the motion of the clips, the color, the type of use (ie ad/broadcast/ect) or something that works to either flow with the edit or stand out against it. 4-6 months is way to short a time to re-cut an edit (IMO) unless you are just starting out and getting rid of a ton of old and less quality work. Yes... your reel will never be perfect, but neither will any individual piece you work on so indeed close it out and move on. But only after you have perfected what you have out there. A reel is a business card, portfolio, rep, and foot in the door. It is the first and foremost only important aspect of your career. After that it's your personality, work ethic and attention to detail that keep you in the game. Best of luck
  15. Todd -- on the thought of speed in AE, has anyone ever brought up the idea or possibility of caching layers in stead of precomps. The cache in background IMO has been one of the best advances in AE in recent years, but sometimes it would be sweet to cache a particular layer or lens flare without having to precomp it. I know we could simply just pre-render to QT or image seq but this would be really helpful. Again just my opinion. Also.. a senior level Adobe tech finally fixed my CC issues. Awesome... it took 3 months so not so awesome but excited to see what the future holds. If Open CL will work then awesome. I honestly.. knock on wood here... have not had very many stability issues in the last few years but now that software can open. Yes please SPEED. Another amazing feature would be a more user friendly version of Set Matte. In the broadcast world I frequently find myself using a ton of matte layers. It would be sweet if there was a way to set a layer in the comp to be turned off and apply an effect that you could select the layers that it matted and not have to do multiple Set Matte effects. Thanks for your (and your team's) hard work to improve AE
  16. Uber twirl would be a nice addition Not sure how you would get rid of RAM preview as it is such an integral part but all for it Would personally love to see CUDA pushed to the limit... support SLI and GPU rendering like 3D is going. Do not spend any time on Cinewang.. Use a 3D program for real work. It only seems helpful for boards and not much else. Its a pro-sumer/hobbyist tool at best
  17. Awesome! Congratulations. If you need any help on motion or compositing please feel free to reach out.
  18. Thanks Rich... kind of evaluating that and Octane now and switching back and forth to figure things out. Appreciate the advice.
  19. Alright... hoping to hear from some VRay people out there. Looking to work with that as a new render engine in 2014 and wondering what your thoughts are as far as learning materials out there to get up to speed fast on Vray for C4D. Looks amazing and daunting at the same time and hoping to avoid as many pitfalls as possible. Thanks for your advice.
  20. That was the same issue for me as well. We were all on Cloud CS6 at my studio and then over the last 4 months shit has gone downhill for all the CC apps. Adobe did provide us with a download of CS6 master collection and that is the only reason why we are still able to work. It does not help in the future when we will have to provide our clients with CC files using features from that version. Otherwise... yes. Speed, speed, speed. Caching faster, more GPU acceleration for caching/working, maybe having all sub comps in a comp pre-render in the background using something like BG renderer to super charge everything. Ability to cache particles to GPU... all awesome. The reason I built a high end PC instead of waiting on the new MP was for responsiveness and anything that helps AE in that manner I will be a big fan of... as long as I can launch it.
  21. Backed and twittered out on the interwebs. Would have gladly paid $20 for the Art Shaders so its a no-brainer. Are you still sending those out? Best of luck and hope you see it funded. Will post on FB on Monday.
  22. I hate to reply first to this with some negativity/ranting, but I am at my wits end here with Adobe. Let me first say that Todd, I appreciate your hard work in making AE a progressive and better tool as well as your inclusion of mograph in that voice on improvement and this in no means about you or your dedication. On the other hand... faster really!!! Sure faster is better, but I have built a machine to be faster and better with C4D/AE and am quite content in that matter. What I would really consider important is a functioning Creative Cloud. Please put ALL of your 2014 money into totally reconfiguring the horrible technical support that is only to be used as a last ditch effort when all else fails since they cannot and do not help. Please put money into soliving all the issues of sign in/out errors on CC desktop app and issues where CC apps ask for a serial number but tech support says it's impossible to provide one. I know that my company is not the only group affected by these any many other CC issues and I could take a seriously nice vacation if I could bill Abode for all the down time and lost work hours due to the CC issues. Please put money into sending out CC current edition physical discs and serials to all those frustrate users whom have had to deal with the shit storm of tech support and aggravation of the inability to use the software which is already paid for. Again.. and with utmost sincerity, thank for your time and effort to make AE a better product. I guess my 2 cents is that over the next 6-12 months, I would rather have less frustration than any possible upgrade.
  23. I am excited for all the new development, but at this point, I would be even more excited if I could get Creative Cloud to actually work an Adobe Technical support to not ask me to do a clean install every other week. This is a huge bummer as we have five workstations with CC that are virtually useless. If I had more time, I would be on the phone bugging them every damn day but I have a studio to run. Ugh......
  24. Anyone know any good tips or fast work flows to link facial animation in cinema? Wondering if there is a basic target shapes for vowels, consanents, etc that can be used for even a script that works with audio? Might be too much to hope for.
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