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  1. Actually just found a link here that really describes the whole process. Thanks everyone for your imput and any more advice/tips on making this look good in AE would be appreciated. http://forums.creativecow.net/cgi-bin/new_..._tut/index.html
  2. That is exactly what I am trying to do. I know it can easily be done in Max/Maya, but never really tried in AE (and I do not have either of those programs here at work)
  3. Thought I already did, but will check to make sure .. . Thanks
  4. I am trying to setup a 3D comp in After Effects and running into some problems. I want to have a video clip play and have the image projected onto a solid used as a background. I thought that I could do this easily by putting the layer behind the camera with a light behind it and the light transmission changed to 100%. However I can not see the video unless it is in front of the camera. I do not really want to see the video, but the projection of it on the solid. I dont know if it is a scale or position issue or what, but any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. The only time I have ever had any problems going between the two programs is when I had a corrupt illustrator pref file. Otherwise works fine. Did you just switch to AE 7 or have you been using it for a while?
  6. Thanks a lot for your input guys. I think I am starting to get the idea here.
  7. So . . . just to be sure. If encoding with PNG for archiving and work purposes, this is an acceptable quality to encode to and later work with in another program for example. Thanks for your answers so far by the way.
  8. Pardon my questions if they seem a bit obvious, but I am fairly new to the whole compression thing. I thought that the reason QT chokes or stops playing is due to either the disk speed or the data rate of the file. I have had some problems when rendering out to animation settings. What I have taken out of this thread is that a QT PNG compression setting will allow for both lossless (or nearly) compression as well as smooth playback. If this is not right, any clarification from you more experienced people out there would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  9. The above thirds method has worked well for me so far in freelance. You always have some people who do not like it, but then you must ask yourself if someone who is not willing to invest in you as an employee (with a contract) is someone you should work for
  10. Dont know exactly what you are using it for, but if for broadcast. You might want to consider renting a camera. For the same amount of money you could rent a nice one for a day or two and come away with a much better looking video quality. I have shot a lot of footage on cheaper models and about a year ago bought a Canon XL2 and now would not think of shooting on anything lower. But . . like I said dont really know the project or budget.
  11. edrhine

    growing polygons

    Dont know what package you are using, but in Max you can also use a slice plane modifier. Some of the frames here seem to work this way (especially when the engine block has the tubes "grow" on. they are kind of a pain since the plane is infinite and cannot be deformed or scale (at least that I know of), but are a very easy way to reveal things. Other than that animating the scale/rotation/position and the visibility parameter of the object. Hope it helps and if anyone else has ideas (especially for Max) please chime in as I am working on a personal project of a similar type.
  12. yeah sorry did not really think about the render, but maybe if the situation comes up in the future try it and see
  13. Another option if you can afford (or if you or someone you know is a student) is the PFTrack from pixelfarm. I have used this program just recently to perform a handful of 3D tracking from all different kinds of shots and it is amazing. However it is quite expensive, but I think that the added features of the program make it well worth it.
  14. oh yeah and this way it looks MUCH better than using displacement mapping
  15. The best way I have discovered to do what I think you are talking about is to use a light (in MAYA or MAX) and put a projection map onto the light as a texture. Then you render out your 3D animation to .rla/.rlf files. This allows you to select any number of options of what to include in the frames (Z-depth, coverage, camera data, etc) Select what you need and render. The cool thing about the light projection is that the image texture is not baked into the geometry and creates the projector like effect. I hope this helps in what your looking to do, and if not sorry for wasting your time. Oh buy they way this is alot easier to do in Max (or maybe I just know it better)
  16. edrhine


    really liked the opening shots as well. You have some great camera work and design elements in there. the hand drawn looking section was pretty cool as well. As far as the music is concerned, I liked it alot.
  17. I totally agree with the way you dealt with the student. I am 27 year old visual effects and motion graphics student and there is nothing more frustrating to me than other students who slack ass all the time and come up with excuses. Except for the teachers that pass those people. I have had the entire range of teaching personalities, and the best ones are those that critic hard and grade even harder. (some of my classes you even fail if there is any pixelization even on one frame) It is good to hear from educators who do not put up with crap, I wish everyone was like that.
  18. nice . . . really liked a lot of the MTV and illustrated looking work. I would agree with the other guys about not repeating any one spot. When did you leave AIC Denver. I am a part time student there now and a full time Motion Graphics Designer in Denver. Would have to agree that while somethings are good there, I wish there was a better school close. Keep up the work!
  19. There is a really amazing spot for citron (sp?) autos on Nu Young's site. A lot of unfolding and complex 3D animation.
  20. Dont know if your on PC or MAC, but ISofter is a great program to rip from DVD to .avi. Just finished using it on a project and very happy with the results. Just search for it online
  21. Thanks again . . . yeah, I never really though about that (I will take down the under construction thing tonight - kind of thought it was cheesy myself and should have followed my gut) The reviews are appreciated and I hope to hear from you again once I have more stuff to show.
  22. Thanks mete_shop, I know that the piece definitely has some trendiness to it. If you ever have time I would really appreciate you taking a look at some of the other work on my site, which I would say is different from this piece. This specific project was to create a 15 sec ad for a music show on an established channel that would fit in with their current work. Otherwise I probably would have stayed away from the ink splatter type thing. Thanks again you guys have been a great help so far and the advice will be taken to heart as I try to develop as best I can while in school.
  23. Thanks!!!!! I have read comments on the off brand idea before, but did not really have a choice for the assignment (Now I guess I can change it to whatever I want, and now plan to rework it with a different logo). I think I understand about the focus on design in Illustrator/Photoshop first, but if you have any time to elaborate I would appreciate it. Just trying to learn as much as I can to get involved in the industry, and the opinions/experience from those of you out there actually working means a lot. Thanks again
  24. Hello all out there . . . I have been a long term visitor to the site, but this is my first post. Just finished a project for school here in Denver, and thought I would ask some of you experienced mographers to take a look at it and let me know what you think. Just finished the website page last night, so I know that the quicktime clip is a bit darker than it should be (not really sure why though) but hopefully that will be resolved in the next day or two. Anyway, here is the thread and I hope to get some feedback from ya. Thanks Volohmedia.com
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