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  1. Hi Everyone I have just updated to C4D 11.5 and when exporting AEC compostions to After Effects cs4 cinema seems to create another composition with just the lights and camera info in My problem is that the Camera+lights comp is a different comp size to the AEC comp, Does anyone know how to fix this so its the same size? hope this makes sense thanks alex
  2. thanks, Animation is the codec i generally use but final cut cant understand which fields have been set havent tried none codec. Im sure i remember having the apple 8bit uncompressed 422 codec, all i have now is the apple pro res 422 which im not to sure is the same
  3. Thanks, just tried exporting some test clips from af to FCP with different codecs Uncompressed 8bit didnt understand the field set in after effects which was set to none Animation codec did the same Apple pro res did understand the field that had been set, which is good but i need to find the apple uncompressed 8bit codec, as it doesnt appear in the after effects codec list. So just to make everything clear, if im working with lower field edit and want to add a graphic intro rendered from AF, i should render with lower fields to match the FCP settings?
  4. Thanks for the reply that's strange because when I import the render into final cut, the item props tell me the clip is upper? I would of thought it would of said none and this is a stright render from AF any reasons this may be? Thanks alex
  5. Hi everyone over the last couple of months ive started to do more editing using final cut and have been learning more about field orders I work in the uk so use PAL, so most footage is lower fields first, so when im doing a edit i will want to ad a graphic at the start but what ive just relised is after effects renders this out upper fields first! Shouldnt all my sequence footage in final cut be the same field order??? when i change the render field order in after effects to lower i get the horrible saw tooth lines can anybody shed some light on this Most of these edits get put to DVD thanks alex
  6. alex

    wave lines

    hi everyone did a search but couldnt really find what i was looking for. i need to make some organic waving lines but not quite sure how to go about it in after effects. i want the lines to twist and feel smooth and dynamic. heres a image ref to understand what im after http://www.istockphoto.com/file_closeup/il....php?id=8018096 any help would be great! cheers alex
  7. its more about getting the feeling of the tv falling in mid air. basically the tv will hold the footage in the centre of the screen so i need to make the background and foreground give the sensation of the tv falling as the footage plays on the tv.
  8. hi everyone im trying to create a tv falling to the ground in after effects and not to sure how to get the effect i want. having trouble getting the feeling of the tv falling - any tips on getting this sensation of falling?? also i would like the tv to be disintergarting as it falls, so pieces flying off it and stuff any tutorials or tips would be great cheers alex
  9. hi everyone one thing thats been bugging me for a while is why does text and image look so rubbish in the after effects preview screen, even when its set to full it still looks abit strange. is there anyway to increase the resolution anymore or get rid of anti aliasing thats happening, yet when i render or watch on a monitor it looks crisp and clear any answers? cheers alex
  10. hi guys im trying to re-install cs3 but think ive done a stupid thing by first just dumping the application folder for cs3 instead of finding the adobe uninstaller which ive only just relised i should of done now when i try to reinstall from the cd it says after effects cannot install as it conflicts with after effects cs3 any ideas how get to get round this, in bit of a panic as have clients on my back for work!! thanks again alex
  11. the original footage was loaded into final cut and came out as aja 625 8 bit i believe but this normal anyway so dont think the problem is there. its both the rendered greenscreen footage and the rendered backgrounds that either freeze it looks like its either a ram issue or after effects reading the files. Could it be a bug within my after effects?
  12. not sure its the keying because ive rendered them out as quicktimes and also i have cinema 4D renders in quicktime that freeze to.
  13. im using a macbook pro 2.33 core 2 duo with 2 gigs of ram, normal macbook pro gfx card i use this for when im working from home. my memory and cache setting are max mem usage 120% = 2.4 gb max ram cache size 65% = 1.3gb its strange because its only started to do this and have been using this laptop for ages
  14. hi everyone got a real problem, ive got some greenscreen footage layed over some background graphics except now and again my greenscreen footage freezes and stops moving??!! its doing it in all my comps the only way i can correct it is by either restarting af or purging the ram. does anybody have any ideas as to resolve this problem cheers
  15. aww no worries ive just found the AA and that works a treat thanks very much! just one more thing, could you expand abit on the other way of me doing this ad by importing the nulls into after effects. i know how to import a c4d scene into af but not seen the technique your suggesting thanks again
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