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  1. Monthly magazine and t-shirts…I know for sure I’ll get a few
  2. CS3:Creative Licence Conference link Be one of the first to live it and breathe it. Join us for a two-day conference in New York. Surround yourself with and be energized by other innovative creatives. Amazing connections will be made. Inspiration will follow. Two-day Conferences Los Angeles June 19-20 New York June 25-26 One-day Conferences May 16-June 14 PS:If they`ll pay for plane ...I`ll go )
  3. Its a cut program...They do the same thing cut video and put it together. You’ll have to get dirty on your hands and try both of them ...see which one you’ll like. It doesn’t matter what tool you use as long as you’ll provide the same product....I guess.
  4. If you want to live between 2 slices of bread ,as a ham slice ,thinking that what you are giving is just fine....your problem...I don’t eat it. People like flavors ....and value never dyes .So, if a smart channel director wants his Shine...let him have it ...that’s what they are paying for. Is just a matter of expression. McDonalds one is one of the TOP 5
  5. Hehe...That`s it......I was close.....Thanks I did not know that we had the feature long time ago And R and C front or back
  6. This is pretty new in R10....read about it last week I guess(and test it): We have now ...R and L also R1;R2 + L1 L2 I dont know the right order ...but if you put them in Material selection,For instance R is for front ( i guess)....and L for back of the text......also L1,2 and R1.2 sides and margin caps....maybe I should start my post to find out some answers to my problem....thanks Sao
  7. pretty smart ehhh next question is gonna be....how you gonna apply diffrent material to front lateral or back...or even margins of the text ...right? on this occasion I`m gonna ask mylen....If I have a motion data(bvh)....how can I appply that to a properly rigged character?...inR10 I import the motion file next to my rigged character..and when I hit play skeleton(bvh) moves....but other no....I want in Mocca....and I was supposed to do another chanel for the character that I have(like in 9.6)....but I dont have the same copy option. Hope makes any sense...sorry for hijacking Thanks
  8. the guy is a complete n00b....he should be banned for life....or 10 lifes. wait until he is gonna discover...shine.
  9. I have 5300 Nokia....2gb of mpr ....bluetooth2(to connect with my car stereo) ,nice camera and mkes pankakes in the morning ...and I just have to plug usb cale to be recognized bt PC here go buy it
  10. They should give that thing for free.....that guy moving so fast...like ...what...... fast means quality?
  11. I was thinking the same thing this morning. Some of high end digital cameras have....Timelapse recording,you can connect your digital camera to the laptop trough usb (or bluetooth 2) to the laptop ....and program it to take a certain number of frames i n a given time period. I think the advantage is if you have a small hd....you gonna have 1920x1440 (4x3) or 1920x1080 (16x9). But with this method ...you get a nice effect...and 3072 x 2304 or 3264 x 2448 pixels...or probably I`m wrong
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