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  1. savvy

    In Rainbows

    I'd hate to see traditional album cover design go down the shoot, so ill be buying the real deal.
  2. Regardless of critique, I personally appreciate the fact that MK12 made History of America available free of charge. They could have so easily went the whole Belief/UNTITLED 003: EMBRYO route and charged people to view it... so cheers gents!
  3. try http://mograph.net/board/index.php?showtop...mp;hl=ink+splat
  4. savvy

    Online FTP

    If you don't need the management side of Basecamp take a look at Strongspace, like Basecamp it's built on RoR but focuses solely on the storage aspect and therefore is cheaper.
  5. http://mograph.net/board/index.php?showtopic=9663 good luck with the move
  6. I got an email at the weekend from mt about some maintenance thats going on with grid-server, I can't remember the dates of the top of my head but it might be due to that.
  7. Anyone know what the soundtrack is on the new Buck Spring 07 reel? Cheers
  8. savvy

    Aw hell no!

    Art Director Ken, it's just wrong on so many different levels.
  9. yeh its shit, just opened it, it looks like its been live traced or summit
  10. http://www.brandsoftheworld.com/search/?qu...2565&mtype= i haven't checked the quality though.
  11. which logo, the motion picture co?
  12. never mind, cheers sao
  13. I seem to be experiencing a lot of these when trying to search the archives, anyone got the same problem or is it just my setup!
  14. I could include a NASA credit in the printed packaging that I submit the competition entry in, although I'm not sure if this would be deemed as sufficient credit as the promo will not necessarily be viewed along side it's original paraphernalia. As for how the end piece is compiled/re-packaged/distributed I have no control over that so I'm not going to worry about it.
  15. I know a few of you have used photographs from NASA's Visible Earth website in your work and I'm interested to know in general how you deal with crediting third party stock photography providers in your work (if you indeed you do!). The NASA terms state that: "NASA requires that they be provided a credit as the owners of the imagery" I'm using the photos as texture maps for a competition animation I'm doing and it's not within the scope of the competition to provide end credits/titles and the only other option I can think of is to state "image courtesy of NASA" in the scene but it's going to look bloody ugly! Strictly speaking the project is non-commercial, however the terms and conditions of the comp do state that the organiser may release the winning work on DVD/Web at a later date- so i'd better play it more safe than sorry. I'm not entirely aware of the legislative pitfalls of using other peoples images as textures so if anybody has any ideas on the best way to deal with it I'd be greatful. Cheers.
  16. congratulations on the new job!
  17. Whenever I've seen people recommend a shot breakdown it has always been in reference to VFX reels where there are teams of artists working on the same scene.
  18. savvy

    Need new shoes

    btw they're Air Max 90's. -edit- How about a pair of Air Max 1 Skulls? you can never have too much clothing with skulls on it! right?!? haha.
  19. savvy

    logo design

    If you could be doing mograph work if you hadn't working on the logo i'd charge at your mograph rate regardless.
  20. Lynda.com Cinema 4D Essential Training (or something) not strictly a DVD but video tutorials never the less.
  21. yeh, its something to consider. cheers
  22. has anyone tried any of the new Lacie external RAID drives?
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