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  1. general, definitely: http://www.radiolab.org
  2. graphic design: I'm not a big Debbie Millman fan, but the DESIGN MATTERS podcast has some very good guests. also, TYPERADIO https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/design-matters-debbie-millman/id328074695?mt=2 http://www.typeradio.org
  3. good idea to visit in december to see if you like the rain and darkness + set up some meetings with places to say hello. i moved from nyc this past june. been booked solid the entire time. renting a home in ladd's addition. everyone i've met has been super nice. i suppose it all depends what you're looking for. don't expect it to be brooklyn, though it shares some likeness. i've been able to bill NY rates so far. regarding getting your foot in the door... same as always. do good work, play nice with others, don't be too pushy. once you land a couple gigs your name will spread.
  4. Binkers, you should be doing this event in your home town... http://www.designweekportland.com/events/aepdx-colorcubic-present-reel-review-kontrast
  5. My apologies for posting before actually searching the archives. http://mograph.net/board/index.php?showtopic=15300&hl=paulo&do=findComment&comment=133511 http://mograph.net/board/index.php?showtopic=15261&hl=paulo&do=findComment&comment=133191 http://mograph.net/board/index.php?showtopic=8099&hl=paulo&do=findComment&comment=74163
  6. Going to be in Sao Paulo for a couple months (maybe longer). Who are some of the more design driven motion companies down there? Also down to grab a drink if anyone or any other sort of must-do recommendations. Thanks! Please add to this list if you know of any. http://lobo.cx/en/ http://www.blackmaria.com.br http://new.consulado.tv/ http://www.birdo.com.br/
  7. I'm looking to move out there this summer. I was visiting last month. Met up with quite a few people in the design "scene." All good people. I am a Detroit-native, via LA, via NYC. My wife seems to think we need some sort of job connection before hauling out there, but I got a good feeling from the companies I met with that freelancing there sounds promising and doable.
  8. Joe, If you or anyone else is interested, I'm moving out of a fully furnished sublet in Parkslope at the end of April. $2000/month. Available May/June/July. On 9th st. right off the 7th ave F stop. https://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&client=safari&q=474+9th+street+park+slope,+brooklyn+11215&ie=UTF-8&ei=NJBYUeKUDO6o4AOs74DQDQ&ved=0CAgQ_AUoAg
  9. @levante... good stuff. i'd be interested to hear more about your path. were you always in germany?
  10. I've been considering a long-term trip to India. Someplace where I can remove money from the equation of life to see where I go from there. I made a decision about 5 months ago to cut back on motion and graphic design considerably, move to europe, and dabble in conceptual art crap. I miss launching After Effects like I miss herpes, but I want to push myself further away from taking the occasional gig doing boards or animation to pay rent. Let's all buy an island and outlaw the term "mograph."
  11. My biggest challenge with motion design has always been General Binky. The secret is to punch high and once he blocks that, immediately knee him in the nuts. Watch out for the uppercut or whatever the hell he does. Bob out of the way and then hit him low again. Once you get past Binky, the rest of the levels are pish.
  12. This is great info! Thank you! This would be a studio space for my wife and I, so shared isn't preferable, though we would consider it if the space and person were great. I think our goal is just to find something modest in a decent part of town with things going on. What we'll probably do is just airbnb it for the first couple weeks while we check things out. Moving mid-september.
  13. It doesn't matter to me if I have to fly 2hours a few states away to see family or 10hours a few countries away to see family. It's all a relatively short plane ride.
  14. Thank you, very good to know. I'd be interested in knowing where other Motion Design people live in London as well. i have a friend offering a place off the Canary Wharf stop (Jubilee line)... would that work well? Is that a decent area or no-mans-land?
  15. Sorry, making a new thread for this question... What is a good part of London to live in regards to working in post/broadcast/motion/edit/design? It seems most shops are in Soho right? Is it a pretty doable commute living in Dalston? Any recommendations or if anyone knows of an available apartment would be great! Thanks! I'd like to keep my budget around £1000pcm for a studio if possible, though I know that's tight.
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