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  1. esnips.com give you a couple gigs free and mucho music downloads... enjoy
  2. Tiger Leahu


    LOLOL.. agreed
  3. Tiger Leahu


    yawn... boooor..ring. I'd prefer "fuck crappy graphic designers that make unimaginative graphics, LIKE THIS"...
  4. ..also try www.c4dcafe.com I've learned a bunch of methods and trix there, but be forewarned, there is a quantum leap in the learning curve from 2D to 3D software. C4D is probably the easiest to learn... welcome aboard.. or perhaps welcome to the shark tank.
  5. Looks great on this end as far as production, the rest... I'm not the target audience... and I'm not one to say, "it has youth appeal".. since I ain't no youth and can't speak for them... What has been the reaction from the target audience?
  6. Very easy on the eyes Peiter. The krisworld vid had too many different styles for my liking however. But the whole presentation looks great.
  7. Jeeez.. slow down on the coffee stooch. "...discourage people to post ANYTHING...." Where the frack did you get that idea? Post and say whatever you want skipper. I would never restrict your ranting. Even now, I only mean to correct your impression that I am some sort of a critique nazi. I just wanted to send a message that this is a WIP, and that changes will be made to the model as it progresses. If you are interested, stay tuned. If not, no prob, seeyalater-bye. But if you are just some dork that goes from site to site/person to person saying "you suck" and "you suck" and "you need to do this".... go blow it out your hawse pipe. If you're gonna say the textureing needs fixing, the colors are outta synch, the blah blah blah...I know, I'm on it. When I have a finished piece, I'll hold it up for critique and suggestions and then implement what I can before it goes in the can. And I'll say, "Here is my finished piece. Tear it up. Let's hear it. Tell me what you think"... I'll send you a special IM stooch... This is the place for WIPs..?. I guess. I'm one of those artists you used to see at art festivals, scrimshawing or painting, and there was a big picture window in the front of my tattoo shop in the Virgin Islands too... I don't mind people seeing my work as it progresses. I see less of the public with this medium however, and since I am a member here, and I'm working on a motion graphic, here for your visual edification, are the thumbnails from my animated scrapbook. Hell, its not taking up any fracking space. I didn't think the lounge was the right place to post. Hobbyist?...LOL, no, just unemployed disguised as an underworked freelancer. BTW, NEW ANIMATION: click on the above link, scroll down and check out the latest ... dive.avi
  8. Here are my latest renderings of a submarine I am building. This is a true WIP and has a long way to go, so save your breath/fingers on the critique: First off- I made a big mistake. I built the model from the plans of a plastic model I bought from the museum gift shop. ...grrr It is so inaccurate. I felt so let down by the results of the plastic model, I fired up C4D and went at it. The hull cross section is sooo wrong. texturing will be done at next on-site visit to pick up weld and rivet and deck hatch textures..if they let me. I'll rebuild the hull and conning tower and wintergarten when I get plans, until then I'm just working on items like insulators, periscopes, bubbles, etc until I get more accurate stuff to work from. So till then, THIS IS A MODEL OF THE PLASTIC MODEL, not the real thing... so you must rate it 500%! C4D Cafe has links to the latest 2 animation sequences, CLICK HERE and scroll through the links. Enjoy.... I'll keep posting here as the project continues
  9. yawn.. looks like charley chaplin stuff... I'd cruise on to the next site... unless I wasn't doing a talkie in living colour
  10. got bored and quit at the horse....
  11. gentlemen, business IS war... this is an opportunity 1) Write a clause in your initial agreement/estimate/contract that includes YOUR payment schedule and include stiff INCREMENTAL penalties for late payments. ... 2 weeks late +15% etc 2) Never whine when they are late, just send the new invoice. Its not a fine, its business and its your money. I ran a freelance T-shirt biz- and this works. ...oh, and if the big corporation can't get the funds to you in 6 month.... fine, just work that in and charge 275% more, but don't raise the initial cost of the project. Also offer a 5% discount to all accounts that pay in cash, especially whiners.
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