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  1. I'd search the C4d Cafe forums - I know they have a specific thread on how to do this with a realistic look.
  2. Of course there's always the Display Tag, check the box next to 'use visibility' but dont animate it. Then animate the parameter visibility- you will have a bit more luck.
  3. Hello, I am looking for a few reference animations of 3D objects building slowly on close-up shots, then a final full shot of the completed object. I know there are quite a few out there, I am just having a bit of trouble finding them. Thanks for any suggestions!
  4. Networking has always proven to be the best marketing device for me. Get out there and start introducing yourself, make friends in the industry, spread your name around. Eventually it catches up with you and opportunities will arise. Jobs can come from friends of friends of uncles, you just never know.
  5. Hello - I am looking for a few different examples of animation that is shown with a person on screen. For example anything where the presenter uses his hands or a pen or marker to pop out the motion graphics. Thanks for any input!
  6. I updated the photo - after trying recommended steps: reduce sample distance, decrease dust, choose additive, increase dithering. It seems to be related to the falloff and radius/decay. I'm using inverse square on each light Also - it looks like the sky and envrionment objects that create the fog are culprits too. When I switch to just an object with a fog material, the banding goes away (but I can't get the fog material to look wispy)
  7. Hello - I am having some banding on the light cast in a scene where I am using a sky object with environment and fog turned on. The light in the house is an omni casting area shadows. Any idea on how to fix this or is it a limitation with how lights and fog interact in C4D? Thanks!
  8. At least with particular - you can add some subtle turbulence to make it look a bit less like a tube and more organic with slight movements. If you need the light to interact with the 3D object, you might try using what you have in C4d, putting a compositing tag on the moving light streak to track particular to in AE, and rendering out a separate pass so you can apply the light effect on the object back in AE. Hope that helps.
  9. Probably morphs are a better bet. It's not looking like there is an easy way around this one - except by using multiple camera angles and cutting to each.
  10. I'm just curious if anyone can point me in the right direction. I need to wrap the skin of a body onto itself, similar to this picture: http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photography-apple-and-skin-image764907 Just need a place to start - i'm thinking I would have to knife the spiraling shape into the geometry, then create a chain of joints and keyframe the hell out of it backwards from the finished look? Thanks in advance
  11. Wow- that definitely explains the time necessary to create such detailed movements.
  12. Depending on your state, there really is no 'legal language' you need, just be very specific as to what you will provide so that both parties will understand the agreement. All a contract really is - is clear, concise wording that defines the relationship between the parties. That's why even in some states as far as I know - emails are considered legal documents and can be binding.
  13. Good call, that was indeed the problem, never noticed that switch. Thanks!
  14. I'm having a bit of a quandary as to what is going on here: http://files.getdropbox.com/u/277783/MoBlurweb.mov It's not a display tag, it only does it when scene motion blur is active (9 passes), and only on the one object that is a boolean. When I watch the render window, it will render one pass correctly, then in the next pass - the boolean object is gone, the next pass is good, etc.. then all combined it gives this flickering look on some frames but not others? Has anyone else had this issue? Not quite wanting to throw down the change for RSMB just yet.
  15. These are all great ideas, thanks!
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