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  1. OK so the script is a bust for me - it errors out. Don't have time to troubleshoot it at the moment - is there an updated one as this was written ~4 years ago?
  2. A couple of years late to this party - ha! Thanks for the script regardless... Investigating FileBuddy now. Thanks again!
  3. Just tried that... You're going to need a magic decoder ring. So little human-readable data in even the simplest of AE files that I do not envy your task. Where is the null data coming from? Why do you need to convert them? More info might help your cause.
  4. Convert: possibly export the project to an XML file... 1) Reduce project to only the minimum data needed, I.E. 1 comp with nulls to be converted to lights only. Nothing else. 2) Export project to XML "nullsproject.xml" 3) Make dummy project with 1 comp containing the type of light you want to replace the nulls with. 4) Export dummy project to XML "lightsproject.xml" 5) Open "lightsproject.xml" in a text editor, find the parameters for the light... 6) Open "nullsproject.xml" in a text editor, find the parameters of the null... 7) Find & replace the values in "nullsproject.xml" with relevant parameters of "lightsproject.xml" where appropriate. 8) Save "nullsproject.xml" as "nullsprojectconverted.xml" 9) Import "nullsprojectconverted.xml" in to AE. I have no idea whether this will work practically or not. I'd suggest doing a small test with 1 null and 1 light to try it out, then scale up. Of course you can easily parent a light to a null, and you can also use expressions to link the transform properties. Best of luck - let us know your results!
  5. This thread is ages old but just wanted to post my findings 'cause I was agonizing over this issue for the past couple of days. Workflow: 1) Track in Autodesk Flame 2012. 2) Export from Autodesk Flame 2012 to FBX with all trackers & cameras, baked or unbaked. 3) Convert FBX from 2012 version to 2010 version using Autodesk FBX converter. 4) Open FBX 2010 version with Maxon Cinema 4d r12 (C4D r12) 5) Place footage sequence as a texture in a material on a background object. Problem: Tracked data does not match visually. Tracked points are out of place though camera move seems to be correct. Solution: Ensure that the data of the Cinema 4D camera (C4D camera) is the same as the solved camera data in Flame. The parameters are a bit different between the two software packages, but generally can be translated. The primary issue that was discovered is that the focal length data present in Flame was not present in Cinema 4D and needed to be manually set. However, the field of view (FOV) data was intact. By keyframing the focal length and aperture data manually, the correct field of view was preserved and the focal length was corrected. This resulted in a visually match with the tracked markers. Hope this helps someone else... Please add your experience / comments / questions! Note: Lots of common search terms (complete product names, versions, and abbreviations) included to make this easier to find in search results.
  6. Good morning all! Working on an animation in Cinema 4D r11.5 of some lights turning on and have run in to a situation where I'd like to use 2 different models for the bulb assembly. The animation uses a cloner and a shader effector to replicate lights which create the illusion of the lightbulbs turning on. The shader effector references an animated bitmap created in another application. Once the bulb is on, there's no need to see the internals of it, just the glow, so I've created 2 models for the 2 states (on/off) and have loaded one of them in to the scene as an XRef object which is then cloned to create a grid, much in the style of a lightboard. I know that the XRef object can be keyframed to change which model/c4d file it references, but can that reference be changed via the shader effector? I'd like to swap out the two versions of the bulb for the appropriate states. Hope I've been clear & not too much of a newb. Thanks in advance for any help!
  7. Thanks for all of the advice & links, just wanted to offer a correction - I think you meant http://www.themotionexchange.com/ rather than http://www.motionexchange.com ... Thanks regardless!
  8. ... Uh, welcome to mograph but maybe you should consider posting in the correct place. :glare:
  9. Thanks for the feedback; I too watch most of the demos without sound as it helps me be more objective about the work I'm seeing. Also have noticed that playback does stutter on some machines; I think it's a combo of the bitrate + the H264 codec, if you're referring to the Quicktime. Thanks again for your comments!
  10. First, thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated. While I do have experience working with a couple of 3d applications, it's not currently my greatest strength. I have, however, been learning C4D, and did create/model/animate the logo from concept to execution and final composite. A counterpoint to that is that I did not create the Dell laptop shown but only the text animation and composite; the laptop is a model supplied by Dell and textured/lit/animated by another artist. We actually received the materials for that as a final composited spot and it was my task to fix the retail message... ugh. Anyway, there's other breakdowns I could give, but I think you've got the picture. Let me know if you have other questions.
  11. Hey Mograph! Completed a cut of my reel recently: Windows Media 9, 12.0 Mb Quicktime 7, H264, 17.1 Mb EDIT: Posted on company backup server so please be nice to the links! (But make no mistake: be brutal on the critique!) I've done my best to keep it short & sweet. First time posting work here (except for tidbits, tips & tricks) so I'm looking forward to feedback. While I have your attention, a question about reel content. Please view the montage and comment before reading.
  12. Actually, what the hell are you talking about? Wrong thread?
  13. Did anyone else make it out? I was there; some good info presented and I ended up winning a little something so it made it all worth while. Anyone else see presentation in other cities?
  14. You misspelled "FUCK BUSH." Note: Normally, I don't post much. But there's some things that bother me to the point where I have to voice a little here or there, and the Bush corporation administration is one of them. And knowing my luck, my next boss will be a member here and will connect this comment with me in some way, and I'll end up in the can for it 'cause s/he ends up being a big Bush+Co. supporter. Whatever. I'm tired of them. They're the worst thing that has happened to this country. Ever. I don't know that we'll ever recover from the damage that's been done due to the policies and practices enacted by Bush+Co. Flow, I'm sorry. Best of luck to you, and the rest of those out there affected by this nightmare administration.
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