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  1. It's a mistake for sure. . .the MPAA (the stormtroopers responsible for the rating system). . .don't mess around with advetising. . .there are strict standards that must be followed. . .or they'll kick your ass. . . tiny movies can sometimes slip under the radar. . .but if they catch wind. . .they will ask First Look to take it down and/or replace with proper version. . . also, the billing block. . .that nasty block of text at the end usually has important legal billing information all of this is usually spelled out in talent contracts. . .
  2. mographers, Not that anyone else would notice. . .but there have been a few occasions when I've noticed "something doesn't seem right here. . ." like when i was in line at Ralf's watching there programming play out on a fancy LCD and then 3 seconds of avid's "MEDIA OFFLINE" slate. . . here's a good one: http://www.apple.com/trailers/independent/thedeadgirl/hd/ It appears as if the folks at First Look forgot some things on this trailer. . .and what amazes me is that it's been up since Dec. 22! sit back, relax and enjoy the only theatrical trailer ever to not have a MPAA green card, title and billing block. . .I'm guessing somehow the "textless" version was shipped!
  3. I'll let you all be the judge. . . recently one of our "sister" companies split from the umbrella corp to go do there own thing. . .their new website looks remarkably like a bad version of ours. . . our site - http://www.1741films.com copy cats - http://therefinerycreative.com/
  4. thanks for the info. . . believe me if it were up to me i would just GIVE my client the upgrade. . .it's part of their delivery spec. i did try hacking the file. . .to no avail. . .it's not the same as maya - unfortunately.
  5. does anyone know if there's a way to downgrade an after effects 7 project to 6.5?
  6. If your a total nerd and have hours of time to waste and money to burn use one of these network renderers. . .there's a much easier way to approach. . . setup to WORK off a server with a good gigabit switch (xServe and xRaid do very well and are easy to setup, and admin) - no need to spend 100k on the setup. . . and then just get a stack of machines (stick with (mac or PC) whatever you use as your workstations). . .plug them into the network. . .install fonts, AE, plug-ins. . .DONE you can use watch folder (don't collect fiiles - use "project only"!) or even better manually open it on every machine u want to render on and skip frame render. This "low tech" approach lets u check to make sure everything will load properly on all machines. . .so u don't spend eternity trying to trouble shoot bad frames. Seems like there's way too much focus on all these bullsh*&t tools out there that take days to try and configure. . .and then there's an update and it hoses everything! keep it simple and spend the money you save on Hot Pockets and Xena Princess Warrior season 2 DVDs!
  7. There's a ton of great info in this thread. . .might be useful to actually DEFINE what "freelance" is. . .or maybe better yet. . .a couple of distinct subsets?. . .because it's a term that's tossed around like a mexican hooker in the back of the A-team van! ON-SITE FREELANCE - work for hire done on a daily or project basis. pay is generally per hour, day or project. You are under design supervision by a creative director or art director and a producer. work is done on company's gear and software. OFF-SITE FREELANCE - work for hire done on a daily or project basis. pay is generally per hour, day or project. You are under design supervision by a creative director or art director and a producer. work is done on you personal gear and software. FREELANCE STUDIO - work for hire done on a project basis. pay is generally per project. You may be working under client supervision, but in this subset, you are essentially running a business and managing yourself and not realying on a company's management/infrastructure. work is done on your gear runs through your pipeline. Your client may be an ad agency, network or corporate entity but wouldn't generally be a design firm. ROTO MONKEY FREELANCE - you work in a hole, recieve less than 8 minutes of sunlight a day, on a G3 given to you by your girlfirend's little brother. you work for bananas.
  8. the short response to your post is. . .intel G5's will be running your apps under rosetta translation until the software is binary! That means for now, they'll be a little slow (when compared to non-Intel or a PC) I've built mac and pc renderfarms and found that in raw horse-power, the pc's are faster for rendering. That doesn't mean that your Pipeline would be faster! You have to consider how your artists are working, what kind of workstations they are on and what kind of server (if any) you are working off. If you to spend hours simplifying, collecting and troubleshooting bad frames, you can easily lose any time gained from having a farm! i've used www.boxxtech.com to build 3d workstations and render nodes. their customer service is top notch. . .when you call, you talk to an engineer! (not someone i india being prompted by messages on a screen)
  9. As someone who has done a lot of freelance both on-site and off-site. . .and now being a boss-man and hiring these types. . .there are a couple of things everyone in the thread is missing. . . It is your SKILL that will determine rate. On select occasions, when we have an established relationship with a freelancer, or the task is very time consuming (i.e. rotoscoping) we'll allow a freelancer to work from home. We do not increase the pay. . .it's more like a bous to be able to work from home. Unless you have a dozen machines, proprietary software, every plug-in on the planet (and the underestanding of when and how to use them!) there's no real benefit for an employer to have you work off-site. Typically, freelancers as LESS PRODUCTIVE working from home! I might get some flack from all of you freelancers out there in this. . .but i did say "typically". . .that doesn't mean EVERYBODY! I'd recommend being flexible on your rate depending on the project. If you REALLY want to work from home, discount it! You should not consider your 6pm - 3am time as OT. . .that's your self-imposed work schedule. Go more by what type of project it is. . .if it's very intense, quick turn around. . .alert your client and just charge them some additional hours. Have an hourly AND a day rate and see which works out better for you. Make sure the quality of your Full-time work and your after hours work don't suffer from burning the candle at both ends. . .employers will be less likelyto pay your rate if the work is crap. pay range: just out'o'school design no experience - $150/day high end art direct/design, 3d specialisty - up to $1000/day I'd say the average I've seen is $350/day remember also that the employer will EXPECT a level of work equal to the level of pay. . .if you go in asking for $500/day. . .you better deliver top notch work.
  10. unless you are working in shake and have your monitor dialed into the film-out device. . .it's much easier to work in 16bit lin (which is native to after effects) and let the finishing house (Pac title, SSI, Complete Post, Company 3, Fotokem, etc) be responsible for final color correction which will include a lin to log conversion. . . the reason is that Pac Title's lin to log is dialed in to their output. (or is supposed to be) you will still want to supervise and make additional color corrections. The gamma values will often look very different once in Flame or Inferno. If you are doing photoreal CG and have assets that are 32bits then the new mode in after effects is great. . .but if it's type-driven and designerly/abstract you will most likely not GAIN much because it's gonna get squeezed down to 10bit log in the Inferno anyway! Make friends with the finishers and run some tests with them. . .they are usually techy and gear heads and are very helpful.
  11. Does anyone out there know if there's a plug-in that could add a scent to a quicktime? Like let's say you have an animation of a field and you can add the smell of lavender or lilac even???
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