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  1. im an undergrad. Def agree with everything laughing colors said.
  2. watching a show about people who make shows. its like behind the scenes except no one would understand what we are talking about. Couldn't see it working without being reality based and retarded. person1: The particles needed to be cached so I cached them and put them on the renderfarm. person2: Person1 your such a whore. Person1: No your a whore. Ratings ++
  3. typically for Vsfx work and compositing work I export tiff image sequences then do whatever i want with them after. Do any motion graphics studios do this or do most just render out entire animations as a movie?
  4. I'm curious. Wondering if anyone here has used Houdini at their studio. I know a lot of larger visual effects houses have been using it for particle systems and procedural animation, but wondering if any broadcast shops have. I was assuming not due to the large price tag, but just thought id ask out of curiosity, so far it seems like everyone is going with either Cinema 4d or Maya as their package. added a poll. might be interesting to others i suppose.
  5. i'm pretty sure i hate the export function too, but is there anyway to export FLV's without using the export menu? I cant find it in the output module settings =(.
  6. have definitely had that pathfinder problem. And it didn't go away when i restarted the program. Ended up using a PC in the end to do it. Really hope all this stuff is worked out in cs3
  7. drnz - looked at your site out of random late night boredom. Good stuff, saw your client list. Digging the electronic music clients you have there, you by any chance going to Ultra Music Festival?
  8. appreciate the crits. agree with shortening it, and losing the trapcode shine, think ill cut it right before the cursive writing shit, doesn't add anything to reel. you think i should leave the zooming through gun barrel to train part then just cut right before the shine, or just cut that whole piece all together? My crits so far have def been to remove my filler work, and maybe get a SOLID 30 second reel. regarding flv player, dont worry. will be bigger and making new skin, will have selection for both quicktime and flv with an ajax based switching mechanism so the page doesn't have to refresh . I just threw up the simple player that was built into dreamweaver because i needed the reel up within about 30 seconds of having it out of after effects. not so worried about the site, will have that flushed out.
  9. Yates Holley

    First Reel

    My first demo reel. Final version on my site will be lil bigger and avail in quicktime and flash liquid just looking for any input i suppose, wasn't quite sure how to approach, made all of the work in the last year. was a visual effects major but didn't find programming stuff in Renderman to be fulfilling enough. anyways rambling, input. site layout will be up soon too, might as well critique that too i suppose http://liquified.tv/portfolio/v2mockup/mockup.html distressed text will be toned down a little and menu will work like this http://liquified.tv/portfolio/v2mockup/index.html K havent slept in a while. going to bed.
  10. use expression (the auto tool or whatever) to connect the audio keyframes layer and the remapped time, divide the expression by the total amount of frames. thats about as much as i remember.
  11. it crashes more but has that recovery shit built in. Greatest feeling ever when ur computer locks up then u restart the computer, start up firefox, and it opens the pages u were viewing again. that is as long as your not looking at porn and flip the switch off then have it come back up when u start the computer again... hahha
  12. Yates Holley

    my first reel

    some cool looking stuff
  13. World of Warcraft - Office Space Godzilla - Doritos Tron - Honda(not as strong of an example) Why? ...why not i suppose.
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