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  1. If it is close competition then just ignore it (and maybe delete this thread too) BUT from now on keep an eye on them with any 'move' you make. And don't get involved emotionally - pointless.
  2. bingo, don't underestimate yourself
  3. it takes not more than a month to turn a total tablet hater into believer. of course if using it every day. double and right clicks on a button.
  4. if you have that question then perhaps think of _how_ not _what_
  5. j72

    'other countries'

    'they' keep telling that it's not the same and blablabla but so far in reality it seems pretty much the same. people are being fired, difficulties with loans in all ways and so on.
  6. j72

    F****** glossy

    I don't even like get it. I mean.. every single Apple screen from now on will be glossy. wtf?!
  7. wow! thanks about info! saved me a lot of headache and make my decision easier
  8. Hi guys, I have such a situation right now and funny that even giving the whole project did not actually solve anything. Everything because at this case it was more difficult to understand and learn my project than create a new one from very beginning. just my 2c
  9. j72

    Thieves suck

    this is terrible all I can say... try to think of it as something for a better change.. I know it sound dumb but it's worth a try...
  10. hi zook, my way would be to charge necessary amount for owning and supporting (electricity, upgrades etc.) seperate render station. just my thoughts, Janis
  11. wow... lucky Brits I admire this. Unfortunately have not heard this anywhere else! JJ
  12. j72

    OFFF 2007

    yeah it was super nice
  13. j72

    OFFF 2007

    Hi, Could anyone please tell which district of BCN it is exactly? Would like to rent an apartment near by OFFF. Thanks kindly, JJ
  14. j72

    FU Logitech!

    thats just that some folks have learned to earn on selling extra bonus super duper feature like NUMPAD
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