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  1. Wooooaaaahhhh! It's back! Nicely done Zack!
  2. If you set your Spline effector mode to "Relative" and then put a Step effector above it in the hierarchy, you can use the Step effector to vary the positions of the clones relative to each other while still following the spline. I just used a regular Linear Cloner with clones in Y, then set the Relative Offset Axis to Y+ in the Spline effector. R
  3. We've got a freelancer in right now who absolutely swears by Renderman and from what I hear it's pretty sweet. And since it's been around forever it's apparently exceedingly stable. But it's definitely geared towards larger productions, high poly-counts and big pipelines. I always found C4D's support of Renderman a bit of a tease anyway since C4D's viewer buckles like a belt under even modest poly-counts. I'd still like to play with it though...
  4. I was afraid of that. I figured it would have been implemented a long time ago if it was easy to do. It would be HUGE though!
  5. While we're on the subject, can you back the "X" to close a panel instead of having to go through the drop-down menu? And bring back "New Comp Viewer" to the comp viewer drop-down? Please R
  6. I've always found Tracers to be a bit squirrely, but I think cacheing is a good place to start for sure. You might also try setting uniform intermediate points on your Tracer spline. R
  7. Flash has some pretty unique drawing tools that make this kind of thing much easier to execute than AE.
  8. Dynamics tag with custom initial rotation will get you the tumbling. Set your gravity in the Dynamics menu to 0 or use a high Follow Position value to keep your object in place. R
  9. Yes! Also, Old Man Gloom. There's not a ton on Spotify (only their most recent) but their album "Christmas" is real solid. Oh, and Buried At Sea (the band) too.
  10. I'm not sure if it's practical for you or your needs, but I actually do both and it works well for me. I've got a 2009 MacPro that I use for working on and then a PC I built last fall for rendering. I figure that way I get the flexibility of being able to upgrade my rendering hardware easily without having to sacrifice my OS X workflow and when my MacPro takes a shit I can move to an iMac and it'll likely be comparable if not a bit faster for working on. Downside is I have two desktop machines, which takes up a lot of space in my small apartment. R
  11. I'm calling it right now: posterized lightning-gun-toting noir gangstas are the new deer head.
  12. RVA8

    New Reel

    Shit yeah man! WAY better!
  13. RVA8

    New Reel

    I absolutely agree with AromaKat - the white-text-on-black-background ending just a bummer. The tracked type for the intro is fine, but the composite isn't great, which might be forgivable if there was some really bad ass animation or something fun happening, but it just sort of sits there. That's really an opportunity to do something that 100% you and it sort of falls flat, which also doesn't do the good work in your reel any justice. It sets it up with a "meh" instead of a "YEAH!", ya know? Reel wise, you've got some good work in there, but I feel like that edit could use some tightening. There's lots of spots where you lose momentum and it makes it feel slow. You could probably trim out a third of the work, or make the edits much quicker by eliminating some of the dead space and get it down under a minute easily which would help keep the pace feeling snappy and interesting. Also I think there are some good cues in that track that you aren't taking advantage of yet that would really help add some character and energy to the reel as a whole.
  14. I'm not sure the site itself makes me uneasy, but this message sets off my spam-sense. Especially since this post is literally a copy/paste from their "about" page. It feels, if anything, a bit disingenuous. The lack of contact info could simply be because it's a new site and what they have is essentially place-holder. But it does seem...dubious.
  15. Since it's a stationary environment outside a window could you bake the GI solution into your textures or at least cache your GI solution to a file so you don't have to calculate per-frame? You might have tried that, but if not it might save a little time.
  16. Weedeater is great - God Luck and Good Speed is amazing. Also Buzzov*en is another good Dixie Dave band. I love Yob for the long, droning, fuzzy goodness. Bongripper is another good one. Good stuff!
  17. RVA8


    Am I missing something? Why PSR constraints? That seems needlessly complicated. Why not just make the cubes children of the null?
  18. You can try the Jiggle deformer like I suggested above, but keyframes will definitely give you the most control and be the most accurate. You could probably do it with just one or two extra keyframes and some curves adjustments. R
  19. What exactly are you trying to do with that combination of things? The Delay effector does lots of stuff. Immediately what comes to mind is the Jiggle deformer placed below the Spline Wrap in the hierarchy, but that just adds bouncy kinds of movement. More information would be helpful.
  20. I don't even like the look of 29.97...looks kinda cheap in a way.
  21. I would think if you were going to do any conversion that you'd want to go the other way and render 59.94 and then convert that to 29.97 later. In these instances I tend to think of frame rate like fourth-dimensional resolution. Generally speaking, going down isn't usually a problem (at least in terms of losing information) but going up is going to give you all kinds of issues, just like up-resing an image. You're trying invent information that isn't there. R
  22. Also check out this reel. Even shorter, faster and REALLY leaves you wanting more (which is a great thing). Just trim it down to the absolute best of the best. R edit: and thanks! Glad you liked my reel!
  23. Cool man - good looking work in there for sure! I'm totally with you on high-energy reels: they're lots of fun to watch! And your work seems to lend itself to that kind of pacing. I wouldn't worry so much about the music. I think if it's reflective of who you are and the kind of work you want to do, then it's going to land you work that's more in line with what you want. That said, I'd get real ruthless with your editing process and hack about 50% of that reel out. Two minutes feels WAY too long, especially with a track that doesn't really evolve at all. I'd trim that down to a minute or less even. High energy, high impact, short and sweet - like a sugar-frosted punch to the face. R
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