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  1. Cheers guys, never thought about using PSDs - however we figured out the problem regarding the saving/loading times, it was the renderfarm constantly writing to the same RAID as the one we've got the AE project on which was murdering our access times. Lesson learnt: Don't be rendering to the same drive array that you're editing/roto'ing/comping from... Project load/save times have now dropped from 4 minutes down to 15 secs - hurrah! cheers, Phil
  2. Hey chaps, it's that time during a project when you have hundreds of referenced footage items (all tga sequences) which makes AE crawl during loading and saving of the project (3 minutes to load, 5 minutes to save the .AEP). Are there any tips/tricks to speed up the whole process of this (the project is as stripped down as it can be - all footage items are being used). Something like being able to switch off AE's verification process of footage items would be nice (if that's what is slowing it down). The project resides on a Windows Server 2008 machine on the other end of a duplexed Gigabit network (which 3 other AE/Fusion chaps and a Maya/Backburner render farm are accessing) so when it's all kicking off there's going to be some delays, however AE's project file IO seems to be the stinker. All the workstations are Win 7 Pro/64bit fast Core i7 based machines). :-)
  3. Thanks peeps - haven't looked into natively doing dealing with YUV yet within AE. THink for the time being it's a case of capture HDV -> convert to RGB format of choice -> use RGB formatted as all source. Gonna dip in farther - next job like this is back on a RED thank goodness
  4. Thanks Sao - gotta find myself a better way of capturing which lets me start working in friendly old RGB (which probably means all editing should not use the original HDV source but an intermediate codec all the other guys can render to). /sound of a penny dropping/ What formats do others use for this sorta stuff (matching visual effect composites back to live action FCP HDV jobs) P
  5. Hey peeps, I know this has been done to death but I'm in a bit of a pickle and haven't found a decent fix on the forums here or elsewhere yet... The prob: I've got QT HDV source footage which I'm converting in FCP to a TGA sequence (for use elsewhere) but when I test to see if there's any gamma buggery by reimpoeting the TGA back into FCP there is a clear shift from the original QT HDV source. My flawed quick fix so far: Apply a gamma correction of 1.16 to anything I'm importing back in; but that ain't perfect - my whites dip a little no matter what I do. This is not on! Can anyone help deduce where in FCP can I disengage the 'mess with my gamma on export' button - it's bloody annoying as 3 weeks of hard work by 4 people is now grinding to a halt as none of our AE/3ds max effect work is now matching to the final edit. I'm scared of using any QT formats so have been sticking with good old TGA but FCP is blatantly cocking that up after capturing. Kindest regards to ye all, Phil ps. I've tested the above issue by creating a black/white gradient in FCP, exporting it as HDV.mov importing the HDV.mov back into FCP (looks perfect), then exporting that as a TGA sequence and then reimporting the TGA into FCP - this is where there's a noticable shift compare with the orginial source material.
  6. Hey all - I'm completely stuck trying to find a music vid or short film I saw a few years back which features very natural amatuer shots of a guy and his mates on a wekend city break standing infront of landmark buildings which have cg meteorites crashing into them causing damage and general mess a la Armageddon... Done very very well. I'm completely stumped and would be bonkers grateful if anyone who knows can step in, :-) Phil
  7. Pinching bikes is big business in Bristol and London - cripes, every bike I've ever owned has either been nicked or had something (wheels, bars, forks, kit) yanked off of it. And they've never been particularly swanky bikes, either. Luckily most businesses around these parts (Bristol) are bike friendly and you can lock up inside or in a cage. Nobody leaves posh bikes out around here as having it nicked is pretty much mandatory these days. Next bike if SWMBO agrees.
  8. I don't live in the States but I used to have the old version of that lock, until some git decided they wanted my bike (locked outside work during the day) and cut through it. Now I've got a Abus D-lock 'Granite 54'. Weighs a ton, but feels a gazillion times more secure than a threaded cable. On a side note, anyone doing London - Brighton bike ride?
  9. Gardening - just brought my first house and me and me lady now have 100 feet of English country garden to tend to which is an absolute joy. Saturdays used to be spent recovering from hangovers, now it's spent sorting out the veggie patch, weeding the lawn and planting flowers and berries in the greenhouse - and I love it! The novelty will surely wear off.
  10. Have your alpha setup as 'straight' rather than premultiplied. When you import quicktimes into Flash your transparent colours will come out darker otherwise.
  11. Phil

    Science Mags

    It flew so far off over my head whilst explaining the analogy of what the article's main theory + concepts. I re-read it a few times and was completely dumbfounded then realised I should stick to my nice safe New Scientist territory, although I agree they seem to be pushing the sensational stories a little too often. Where's the middle ground?
  12. Phil

    Science Mags

    I tried a few artcles of Scientific American a few years back - an nteresting article about new thoughts on string theory got me picking it up but literally got one paragraph in on the article and choked. Bring back Quest!
  13. True, especially whilst everybody over compensates during a recession by account managers over tightening the purse strings and freelancers underbidding for business to pay for that big telly that was put on the credit card last year.
  14. The last thing we want in the vid/broadcast game is what I'm watching happen in my wife's industry - the world of commercial makeup artist and photographers; coupled with ever plummeting budgets due to the 'economy of scale' of the number of weeklys/monthlys on sale and the simple fact that any star struck idiot gets out of LCF and desperately wants to do Vogue covers immediately will work for free and is therefore at the whim of any greedy agent (some take 20%) and picture editor's stingy financial targets. The daily rate for a jobbing makeup artist has actually dropped over 8 years and that isn't even adjusting for inflation. Some jobs you could get £200 for in 2000 pay £150. Add a congestion tax, fuel prices and running costs and you're right royally taking one as a make-up artist these days. Rant over. Work hard and charge what it costs to pay your bills, save a little, cover for rainy and give yourself time off. Then double it ;-)
  15. Typing this on an Ultrasharp, but the guys here seem to live, eat and breath decent monitors... http://shop.colourconfidence.com/section.php?xSec=10154 (mentioned before) and you'll definitely find them for decent prices over your way
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