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  1. Short film "Fractured" Would welcome constructive feedback for my 3D animated film "Fractured". Thx! http://magneticstudio.com/fractured-web.mov
  2. Boats load of advice....Thanks all!
  3. Hmmmm.....It's starting to look like an option worth considering. Thanks again Sao Peter
  4. Thx! You just pointed me to a treasure chest of gold....
  5. Thanks Sao! Do you think the new Imacs would atleast be 20 percent faster than my standard DP 1.8 powermac w/standard Geforce 5200 vide card for AE and C4D. What's most important to me is that I'm able to upgrade to CS4 apps and other intel only goodies. Thx peter
  6. I need to create a DCP from Quicktimes and/or jpeg sequences. Does anyone know of any plugins/apps that can create the properly formatted jpeg2000 sequences in the xyz colorspace. Can DCI compliant colorspace to xyz be converted in After Effects via color management? ***************************** ***All post greatly appreciated**** *****************************
  7. I'm looking to upgrade my 1.8 ghz Dual Processor powermac and I'm wondering if I should rule out looking at a new Imac. I know the best bet is to go with the new Mac Pros, but can someone give me an opinion on if Imacs are a good choice for 3D animation(LW, C4D) and After Effects work. Thanks for all posts P
  8. Hi All, I'm creating Motion Graphics for a Cinema chain and they require a Digital Cinema Package for playing on their Dolby DSP 100 showplayer. I made a digital cinema package test from a short sequence of .jp2 (jpeg2000) images with MXF Tool Kit. When my client downloads my files from my ftp server and plays it through a dolby showplayer, the screen shows black and the monitor says "contains corrupted clip" The jpeg2000 image sequence is formatted with the following settings: File Name test_00748.jp2 Document Type JPEG-2000 Image File Size 38941 bytes Color Model RGB Depth 8 Pixel Height 1080 Pixel Width 1920 The package when generated seems ok. the file list is as follows: ASSETMAP videotest_44afe60c-3939-43cf-85b7-c5e2cf03eedc.xml soundtest_dbb1429c-1dd1-11b2-81a8-000d932bdb44.mxf test_ca736fb4-1dd1-11b2-81a8-000d932bdb44.mxf pkl_7f65b8d4-9db2-46d2-8da1-5d10b0e3e981.xml VOLINDEX Does anyone have any idea on what is causing the showplayer to interpret the files as corrupt?\ is it possible the source material isn't formatted properly? Could it be the color model is RGB and should be xyz? If so, is the solution to just change the color presets in the project setting in AE? I appreciate any help with this. The users on this board have always been great and I appreciate any suggestions. Peter
  9. madpoet


    Hi and thanks very much for your feedback! The guy in the room is Lorne Cardinal from the TV show Corner Gas and he is wearing a cast. His hand and leg are not colored for compositing reasons. It's just the cast....Thx again! Peter Lacalamita
  10. Tomber!!!! You da Man Thanks so much for this. I'll check it out. Peter
  11. Thanks for your reply. I should clarify that when I import a swf from AE into Flash, I do get a symbol placed in every frame of the timeline in Flash, but in the Flash library only one bitmap shows up which is exactly what I want because I need only modify the one bitmap to change the whole animation. Basically, I need an expression or script that will take a 3d position and translate that into a 2d layer. Tilt, skew, rotation are not needed. My main problem is that when a layer is 3D, it won't export to Flash in the way that it would if the layers were 2D. Thanks again for any leads. Cheers!
  12. Hey all, I'm completely stumped. Is there a way to extract AE position keyframes from a 3d layer so that it can be applied to a 2d layer and have it automatically relate to the 3d camera. In other words: make a clone of a 3d layer, but make it 2d so that when the camera pulls out, it will scale the size relative to the camera. I've tried just precomping this layer but it won't solve my problem because when exporting to .swf it rasterizes every frame which I don't want. Thanks for any leads! Peter Magnetic Studio
  13. I'm glad you liked the tower shot. It was for a Bravo Fact short film called "Palace" Cheers!
  14. MAGNETIC STUDIO winter 2008 reel http://magneticstudio.com/2008reel.html Comments welcome. Thanks a bunch! Peter
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