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    Outside of motiong graphics I love cars. I'm a Honda fan for life. I have a a project car that keeps my idle hands busy when i'm not working. I also love to mix music. I'm a DJ of 9 years, and I'm into house/breaks. Seasonal sports are good, skateboarding/snowboarding when I have time.
  1. Very nice transitions! The sound quality of the elevator scene was very well done. Like the paralax effect
  2. matix

    My Reel

    haha yes the secret is out. Stooch and I are roommates. We used to be excellent catalysts when combined. That "i'm a skateboarder" piece was done for the mt. dew team here at work. I was talking about the cut I made a long long time ago. It just came to memory when someone said it was a strong piece. I've been so busy with work lately, I havent been able to amend my reel and make the changes I talked about earlier. I do have a few more pieces to put in, to replace what i'm going to cut out. With days like i've been having, the last thing I want to do when I close after effects at work, is come home and open it on my home computer and do more. ahhhhh! Tonight i'm getting off at a decent time, so i'll make some changes! Inspire 07 is in 11 days WOOHOO! Can't wait to be back in Savannah. It'll be a toned down reel, more focused with only my best work. Stay tuned!
  3. matix

    My Reel

    Yeah the star wars piece was a great idea (it was for an internal company thing) but when I sat down and started rotoscoping it in after effects I was about ready to shoot myself. I remember filming that, I was standing behind the XL2 shouting "OK.....DROP THE STICK!!" I wasnt expecting it to flip like it did. Anyway My roommate is a 3D guy, he works with Roger on a freelance basis in LA.He's actually about to move out there. I like the piece, and so does most everyone I talk to about it. So its staying in. I plan to do more like that, I think i'll start with the intro to my piece. Now that i'm home (9:43EST) I can begin work on it. Thanks for all the great feedback!!! If I can stay awake long enough i'll post something new for all to see....maybe not a leaner, more fit reel, but atleast something with a new intro......and no starwars kid
  4. matix

    My Reel

    I've gotten mixed reviews about the 'i'm a skateboarder' piece. Most of the feedback has been in favor of losing the photo so I'm going to take that advice. My roommate actually told me the 'i'm a skateboarder' piece is the weakest in the reel and that I should leave it out. As for the starwars kid piece, again I was showing it as an example of rotoscoping. Any ideas on how I could properly show that without it being seen as "cheesy". I'll work on keeping the idea the same about the photo, without using a photo of myself. It'll make the intro stronger at the same time. I've got an idea but cant work on it until I get home. I appreciate your feedback!! keep it coming!
  5. matix

    My Reel

    I agree, the ending at 20 seconds is......just really long. I think i'll take it out, and put my info on the main page. I'll trim the fat on the starwars kid and reed's. On the background colors and styles are you talking about the website itself or the work being showcased? I bet you I can do something a lot better with the intro. How about 1 fully rigged and textured monkey cloned 14 times? I apprecaite your feedback! When I get home tonight i'll tend to things. Keep it coming!
  6. matix

    My Reel

    Thanks for the feedback! As far as the video edits of myself you guys are mentioning, do you mean the time lapse videos? Or is it the starwars kid spoof I did? For the record the one with the light saber isnt me, I used that as an example of teeth pulling, rotoscoping fun! That little clip wasnt really challenging as it was time consuming. Also, the photo of myself in the beginning is more of a quick window into my personality. Trying to show people the person behind the work. A lot of times I see some pretty serious reels with no information about the person who did the work. I've seen a lot of good company reels lately and they have this playful energy to them and i'm trying to mimic that. I appreciate all of your feedback! Anyone else?
  7. matix

    My Reel

    Just finished putting together my 2007 reel. Hope you guys get a kick out of it! All feedback positive/negative welcome! M2-Motion
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