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  1. I found a user making something similar with cloth on vimeo https://vimeo.com/51289839
  2. yeah thats what I though.. thanks for the tuto, really interesting, I'll play with that! I didn't hear about softimage ICE before, just watched the vid, looks really powerfull, thanks for the info
  3. Thanks for the advice!, I uploaded to a new server and also copy the link. Cheers
  4. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone knows how to achieve this kind of effect, I don't know how to explain so I attached some pictures. Its like some breaking sticky/plastic organic effect, I'm trying to do something similar with Cinema 4D, maybe cloth? or thinking particles + xpresso?, or realflow? If someone has some tips would be very grateful! Here's the image in case you can't see it http://i46.tinypic.com/2qi1ws0.jpg Thanks
  5. lol damn i regret about that videocopilot comment lol, ill give it a try as soon i get my canon 7d so i can track some footage i asked about shape layers because i readed sth on the comments: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- lolo_L 5 months ago (autor) Thanks, i make the cartoons animation with shape layer in after effects, ------------------------------------------------------------------------- thanks for helping and for the sense of humour cyas!
  6. Hi everyone, I just watched a video on Vimeo and i have been wondering how does he do to animate the ants at second 0:50 and also how does he give the effect of depth, i mean i don't see the ants like a 2d layer, it seems to have some z depth, are this shape layers? if so, does anyone know any cool tutorial for it? its weird that videocopilot doesn't got 1. Here's the video (the colour and tracking is amazing) @ second 0:50 btw: i think all of it is ae, but maybe it can be done with c4d + sketch & toon thanks for readin' www.caskal.com
  7. casko

    My portfolio

    Hi there people, its been a while since i don't come here, been really busy making my own studio. I'm designing the portfolio, and before i send to the developers i want some feedback. PORTFOLIO BETA Also, im not sure about the name / logo for the studio... any suggestions?, these are some logos i did, i dont really like them, its kinda hard design for myself. LOGO STUDIO Thanks for reading! -Casko
  8. Hi there, i don't know anything about hardware, and im gonna buy a new pc soon for my studio. I actually work with the adobe suite, mostly photoshop / flash / after effects and with MAXON Cinema 4D with VRay, so i want a PC that works good on rendering times. I have been reading that the Nvidia Quadro works good for this stuff, and i don't know if i should pick an i5 or i7... about ram, how much? My bucket is around $4.000 Thanks for reading! -Caskal
  9. what about this one? http://www.masoportunidades.com.ar/aviso/3597186-panasonic-hdc-hs9-3ccd-high-definition-disco-duro-de-60gb
  10. Hi, i want to ask u guys about a good camera to do motion tracking / matchmoving. I bought a HV30 a year ago, because i wanted to do motion track, but then i realized that hv30 is NOT a good camera for track, because of the cmos / rolling shutter, i tryied myself over and over and i couldnt get perfect results So this time i want to analize before buy. Thanks for reading, btw, my bucket is around 1.500 dolars.
  11. casko

    TV Animation

    about importing the c4d camera and use it with particles, i think is a good point, but i dont know how to do it, im newbie with cinema, could u give me some tips? and about the camera movement, i think it sucks lol, i just moved manually the camera... its so complicated... thanks for lookin' =)
  12. casko

    TV Animation

    Hi, im doin' an animation for a tv program, but i think is kinda newbie... im just learning 3d (i use cinema4d) and i edited with after effects. here is the animation: So, what can i do to take this animation to the next level? i mean, for example, the background i think is kinda empty, but i dont know what can i do to make it better any suggestions? tips? thanks
  13. I have been wondering how can i get this effect, if someone could give me some tips please... here is the video: http://www.engsfors.com/suddenly/ thanks
  14. thanks dude someone knows the other?
  15. Hello everybody, i need to know the name of some fonts, its driving me crazy i cant found... someone know? thanks!
  16. casko

    Newbie Reel

    Hello, i did this compilation of my animations in after effects and cinema, i dont know if its a "REEL". Comment and critiques are welcome Caskal Reel Thanks
  17. How can i add control buttons to my mov and flv files? i wanna upload some but when i render in AE doesnt have the buttons, thanks i wonder how to do this style buttons http://img379.imageshack.us/my.php?image=a1mx6.jpg
  18. casko

    Please critique

    Okey here it is with good quality http://casko.newsit.es/caskal.flv (900 kb)
  19. casko

    Please critique

    first of all, sorry for my english , now im trying to do a effect that i've seen in a lot of motion graphic reels, its pretty, but i think i cant get it here is my try please comment and critique i need to know tips to make it better, thanks
  20. GREAT TIP KGB! Please post more mask tips if u know =) thanks
  21. I think is pure videocopilot stuff, but the camera moves are nice =) congrats.
  22. Hi guys, hows goin.. i always wondered how to do that mask effect like clouds, i mean, i tried dividing a image in 4 mask and feather out but i dont get the effect, i put some examples: so, here is what i wanna do (there are 2 effects in this video, first i dont know if they used expressions or what, but if u can tell me, cool, and the second is the mask effect, in the background that appears) ---------> and here is what i tried, but sucks lol --------> thanks!
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