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  1. Mike D

    Snow visuals

    Creating visuals during a snow storm using Resolume 4 Avenue https://vimeo.com/62625499
  2. Ok I updated my reel -- what do you think now? https://vimeo.com/59841726
  3. Working with projection mapping for the first time https://vimeo.com/60348237
  4. I'll be making updates and I'll repost it
  5. https://vimeo.com/59841726 You are see more of our work here http://mdfilms.net Thanks for checking it out
  6. The final edit for an upcoming music video for "Orion" will release in October. Here is the teaser. Does it make you want to see the whole thing? Let me know. Thanks Mike D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-nHz0AK8fY
  7. Mike D

    Small changes

    Thanks for check it out. I did notice that. I also want to make the loader even more simple -- logo with %
  8. Mike D

    Small changes

    I've made some small changes -- http://www.mdfilms.net I still have to fix the loader -- anyone really good at flash here? Mike D
  9. been making some small changes -- more things are coming together.
  10. Thanks for the comments -- things are still being correctly and fixed. There is a HTML site coming. Stay tuned for updates in the future. Mike D --- the loader is different ---
  11. It was out of my hands -- should be up today. The party was great!
  12. This was designed for the launch of my new site. Thanks for checking it out. *The site is online yet there are still things being changed. The delay was out of my hands. -Mike D | http://www.mdfilms.net
  13. Out for blood? I had no idea it was that bad. I cant wait to post the site when its done (01.01.07) BTW Your picture scares me palmer -- you cant trust someone with a haircut like that.
  14. Please give an example of what your looking for? You keep saying it goes nowwhere, what do you mean? It has a meaning -- its quick --- it gives info. Plus is only temp.
  15. Hello everyone.... The animation is almost complete, just some small tweaks left. I think this concept looks better, moves quicker & loads faster. I hope you agree.... Thanks for your time /// http://www.mdfilms.net
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