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  1. mine isn't. the post right above his, how do i do that? i swear i've seen it done before.
  2. cant remember how to do this, but i know it can be done.... i want to play back 2 sections of a ram preview with a gap in between. so the begining and the end of the timeline are ready to play back in ram prview with the green bar up top, but the middle isn't. how do i make my playback in ram preview jump that middle section and show the 2 pieces? i've seen it done before, but i forgot how to do it
  3. heh, i also have playboy and spice channel pieces on my reel. dont worry, when i cut a new reel it will definitely be shorter. i appreciate the feedback. i also appreciate the user name change.
  4. thanks for the input i was already planning on doing something different with the splash. like maybe do 10 different splash pages and have them cycle through on a refresh. or maybe just do a different splash per week, then add a new section on the site "splash pages" or like you said, get rid of it completely. haha thanks again
  5. dude, awesome work. that blackbox piece was sick i gotta go back and check out the rest *edit* dude, those Vale Tutto pieces were awesome too. who did the music for the open?
  6. great job man, i love it. great footage, great treatment and edit, cool type too. only thing is, it feels a bit repetitive and too long, but thats because the song is repetitive and too long. haha awesome work man
  7. very cool reel man. my first thought was that the music was too slow... but that was before the reel got going. once things started moving, it didn't feel slow at all. you did a great job of keeping things interesting. good job.
  8. yeah man, great job. i commend you on your ability to make a website look good on a motion graphics reel.
  9. www.thedirtsyndicate.org check it out, let me know what you guys think. i've currently got a list of things i'm planning on changing soon, so if you guys have any ideas throw em at me. btw, admin, could i get my username changed to TheDirtSyndicate ? oh yeah, forgot to mention: i was at belief for the past five years. just went freelance.
  10. hahaha thats fucking hilarious because the story being told has absolutely NOTHING to do with gun violence. what this story portrays is insufficient gun education. if the little girl had been taught from an early age how to act around and handle a gun, she wouldn't have blown her own head off. GUN VIOLENCE is when someone is actually trying to be VIOLENT with a gun. thats a whole different story. we're talking about GANGS and shit. a curious uneducated little girl accidentally blowing off her head does not equal gun violence. aside from that: the piece is awesome. very well done, love the animation. particularly in the type and the various ways it was revealed. great job!
  11. nah, not a clue as to how to make that better. its not exactly crap though. i ran into this problem when i was cutting a reel awhile back, i had all these things i had done that were just elements in a larger piece. like a badass nebula that i worked really hard on designing, animating, and makeing look perfect... rotoscoping a 30 second clip of queen latifa dancing in silk pajamas... again, i was proud of the work i had done, something i had worked really really hard on, practically killed myself on it actually... but will i put it on my reel? no. because it was just an element in a piece i worked on with a team. i would never put those elements in my reel all by themselves. i might put the finished piece on my reel, if i felt i had created enough elements to justify that, but not by themselves. i worked on a piece last year that i created ALL the elements for. i cut out photos and did stop motion with them, rendered out all the pieces as movies with alphas, then one of my co-workers actually put all those elements i created into a show open. basically turning them all into 3d layers and moving the camera around a bit. im putting THAT (the final piece) on my reel because i created every single element... im NOT putting just the little elements i created, because alone, they dont hold up. they aren't that interesting. anyway, i gotta get back to work now, but those are my thoughts. im not saying its crap, just not interesting. doesn't have the life that the first part of your reel does have.
  12. uhm... from the place butler was referring to til the end i think it needs a LOT of work. most of that part of the reel isn't even motion graphics, or atleast not good motion graphics. it just slows down WAY too much there. then like stated above, it just cuts out. i like the start, and the music is cool, but i think the last half of the reel feels very thrown together and not finished.
  13. short and sweet, that o'neil piece is sick were you the designer on that or just animator?
  14. actually, it goes much deeper than that. i think saying you're an expert at ANYTHING is pretty much claiming you know everything there is to know and that there is nothing left for you to learn. and looking at your reel, i'd say you have a LOT to learn. it basically makes you sound cocky. i've been in this biz for 8 years now and have met many designer/animators who will blow your mind, that have never had a single aftereffects class. in this industry, your WORK is whats important. not your degree, or whatever certification you may have.
  15. to each his own, but you gotta admit the opening titles were pretty cool. not IF's best work, but still pretty cool.
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