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  1. Perhaps a little bit late, but perhaps of interest to someone... http://omino.com/pixelblog/2011/12/26/ae-hello-again-midi/ Is an AE script I wrote which imports MIDI files as keyframes in After Effects. Shown below is a Two Part Invention's 2 midi tracks as keyframes. Enjoy.
  2. poly

    Python for AE

    Hi guys -- glad you found it! Windows build is definitely the next "feature" of this plug. Mac was a tiniest bit easier because Python is installed by default... (and, I confess, that's what I use the most, but that's no excuse ). ==> david / poly@omino.com
  3. poly


    Getting this occasionally on CS4. Save, quit, run, open fixes it. Just for the record., Mac OS X 10.5.7.
  4. Haha First: Thanks! It makes me nostalgic for ringgits, minuman, makanan, and nasi kandars... I was going to post sooner, but frankly I'm not qualified... I think the rhythm could be improved. If the text either matched the music beats more, or was a spoken cadence, it would hit harder. The usual "kinetic text" exercise is to match an existing speech recording; the resulting visual cadence is surprisingly effective.
  5. poly

    3D Workflow

    The other posters have great answers... I'll go ahead and describe my low-rent ghetto method anyway. It's dorky and obvious... I had a handful of scenes in Lightwave. To do overnight (and eventually, week-long) renders, I strung all the scenes end to end, with snap-camera-moves between them, sometimes over to a completely different "stage". There's reasons not to do that, like, wasted geometry on the stage next door. But it was handy at the time. My AE project had the imported movie cut at the right points, so rerender-and-go. This is where I *wish* there was project/scene/timeline management like AE in 3d programs. Put the geometry animation in one comp, and then use it as a layer in two or three others with different cameras & lighting. (Or am I totally missing that maybe c4d has this? I'd love to hear "yes"...) my $0.0105 cents.
  6. Can you get away with a blurry environment map, instead of for-real reflection? Render a still (or movie) from somewhere in the same vicinity, and blur the still (or movie)... and set that as the reflectable thingum.
  7. First -- thanks all. And of course, apologies for yet another which software thread. You know how it is. Heh. For myself, I do find AE to be elegant. I really do! It's my favorite piece of software, I dare say. I use final cut pro, and some music editing, and have spent weeks inside LightWave 7.5 & 8... But hey, religion. Smootches and such. Here's my research so far, opinions: c4d Lovely modern app. I could see getting a lot done with this. Attributes & tags all the way down. The UI is modern and responsive. modo Smooth as silk. Also a clean and modern UI. I've been using this for a couple of months, and own it, and it's great for vert herding. Easy to get the shaders and materials to behave, too. (By the way, it *does* do animation, but only the most basic kind. No bones, dynamics, particles, compositing... just some basic transforms and deforms over time. And no expressions!) maya I want to like it, because I've seen great stuff come out of it (from people who are by far better artists than I, alas). But I feel the weight of history in it, it remains inscrutable to me. I have an expert friend who is going to sit down with me and give me a good dose of Getting-It. I hope. I love scripting, that won't be the obstacle. houdini Love at first click. In 2 hours I felt like I knew the program. Oh, I know there's lots more details, but the big picture is SO CLEAR. The nodes, parameters, and expressions are right there, front-and-center, no sneaking around pretending otherwise. Version 9.5... The UI is only a little ragged, but nowhere near as crufty as maya (or lightwave, for that matter). Instantiable parameterizable reusable subnets... yeah, this is what I wanted. Ironically, for my purposes (recreational artist), houdini is the most affordable. They have a $100 noncommercial license, with approximately full functionality. (I like to pay for software, since that's how *I* get paid, too, and I'm willing to kick down bucks for something good. But full retail for houdini commercial license is pushing my limits there.) I need to learn the ins and outs of modeling in modo, and transferring it over to houdini. See how that works out. And I want at least a basic understanding of maya, but who knows.
  8. Thanks all. From here, and other inquries, the answers I get most are Maya and C4D. Modo has a very... clean and workable interface, fast ramp up. I gather that modelers love it; but that's not my main thrust. Day job is software engineering, creating EDA tools, so I don't mind a *deep* user interface, so long as there's a there, there. (Lightwave, for example, is kinda cool with a deep feature set, but really is a train wreck in presentation, once you go beyond the most-expected-flow.) I'll be spending a month on Maya, til the trial expires, and see what up. And if that doesn't work out, I'll DEFINITELY check out quickbooks and MSPaint!
  9. o/ o/ I think I've found a new way to ask the same old thing! o/ o/ I've used a couple of 3d programs over the years. Strata (way back), LightWave, and Modo. The thing that annoys me about each of them is that they're not After Effects. Ya, ya, I'm a dork. But seriously. AE has such a simple and elegant model for combining multiple elements, multiple timelines, consistent editing of channels/parameters. Also, and this is trickier than it looks, it handles mouse clicks, and cut/copy/paste, correctly, for whatever is selected. It's the little things that count sometimes. Also, expressions and scripting. Always there and ready. (As some of you know, I just live for my mathematical control of elements...) So. Which 3d app is... well... "Most Like After Effects"?
  10. The model is awesome. Looks great on the backdrop. The logo placement parses as... how to say, can we call it "Lion Wind"? And I'm not savvy enough to tell if it was intentional! I'm such a feeb.
  11. To be optically accurate, the view through a thin air-filled balloon won't be distorted at all. You can see that in the reference photo with the dog. The rendered one above is a sort of red-glass balloon, acting like a lens. Very candylike, to my eye. The traditional "warped white square" on a drawn or cartoon balloon is a speculated nearby window... I'd guess in either case (surreal hard-candy lens-balloon or air-filled reflective) having the balloon be aspherical and tumbling or wobbling a little, affecting the see-through or the reflection, would help sell it.
  12. Oh, oh. It doesn't move, but: At the San Jose Museum of Art (San Jose, California) the current exhibition "Road Trip" includes quite a bit of "Map Art", various transformed, fictional, or just plain strange maps. (Til Jan 24 I think. Anyone local should check it out...) Anyway, one of the artists is "Lordy Rodriguez", google hits a few of his pictures on line. Hmm flickr does too.
  13. Weird! I am guessing that (somehow?!) you're getting the wrong file, or the file was damaged. At least that's all I can think of. You *can* use a script to produce a project. The script would say, 'New comp, add layer, add effect, do this, do that' kind-of like if you did it yourself. But that would be outside the project. A project can't have a "go button" built in to do that. Projects can't carry scripts inside. (Expressions, yes, but not scripts.) (Hm, are there any nearby .jsx files? That could be a script that does a build. Seems really really REALLY unlikely though.)
  14. poly

    wip ex

    Disclaimer: I'm commenting solely on what makes my eyes happy, not whether it's a good and effective stinger for any particular purpose. I'm a sucker for this dreamlike land of lucite and light... It just never gets old for me. I want to go live there. The sound-thrum is spot on. MOMA-perfect. (For myself, I like the black background.) The animation shows two disconnected actions -- the bands of light, and the flying text. The text "decides" to fly at the end. It might be interesting to have some apparent causation in there; like the band of light (somehow, merely by its motion and proximity and timing) gently knocks the text loose from its invisible moorings, and *then*, now free, rebounds to the camera. Snnt.
  15. Trivia -- I've definitely found cases where turning OFF the multiprocessor rendering can improve render time considerably. This was in CS3, doing something heavily based on Particle Playground. Here, I say the same thing in like 4 pages with pictures, blah, blah: http://omino.com/pixelblog/2008/01/10/part...ultiprocessing/ But that's the short of it.
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