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  1. hey guys- I just wanted to post a note to let you know about a script that Dan Ebberts and I posted on aescripts.com called TypeMonkey. It takes the pain out of kinetic type... check it out at http://aescripts.com/typemonkey/
  2. It's AE, with a bit of anything else I can get my hands on.
  3. Check out the new episode...this one goes back to the institution of torture known as junior high. http://www.itsjerrytime.com/ And if you get a chance, vote for us for a Webby.
  4. see that beat-up dude in the buffalo jersey? you wish. it's an old Buffalo Bison's Jersey...Jerry's a huge Sabres fan...there's a story behind pretty much everything in each episode.
  5. Hi - I wanted to invite you over to see our new episode over at http://www.itsjerrytime.com/. It's called "The Hypnotist". It was created entirely with a digital camera, AE, some clip art. Hope you like it...
  6. If you're into the short film/ animation world-http://www.withoutabox.com is a good place to start
  7. ozonetv

    It's JerryTime!

    I'll pass that along to Jerry...thanks.
  8. ozonetv

    It's JerryTime!

    I wish ours were as simple to do...
  9. ozonetv

    It's JerryTime!

    It's a bit of everything...experimentation, seeing if there's actually hope in trying to launch a show online, getting to do something without a client involved...you name it.
  10. ozonetv

    It's JerryTime!

    Hi- C'mon over and check out my animated web series. It's pretty much a digital camera, some clip art and After Effects. I've tried to focus on working around the limitations and make it as expressive as possible...please feel free to post a comment on the site. Love to hear from you. -oz http://www.itsjerrytime.com/
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