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  1. odhill

    3D Mouse

    I've used one of these for years. They make different sizes to fit different sized hands. http://ergo.contour-design.com/ergonomic-mouse/contour-mouse
  2. My .02 cents I took part in the protest on Hollywood Blvd. on Sunday. I've worked as a VFX/3D artist for 20 years, for the some of the big vfx houses but also for companies like Logan, Mirada/Motion Theory, Buster Design. Always as an animator/3d artist never as a designer. Its a very complicated issue, some of the specifics are vfx related but there is overlap with what goes on in the motion graphics/design field also. I'm not sure were this will all lead to but I am excited participate and advocate for change, even though I don't know what shape that will take.
  3. Oh sorry. From the topic of this thread, I thought you where asking about racing underwear.....
  4. odhill

    Back in blue

    Like the new look.
  5. If you liked that, maybe you will like some of the directors other works - Jim Blashfield http://www.blashfieldstudio.com/musicvideos.html
  6. Not specifically C4D centric, but I find www.hdrlabs.com a great resource.
  7. http://www.wireframe.fi/html/rc1.html http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php...ight=Claymation Not very detailed but he does give a short breakdown of the steps he took. good luck
  8. Found this on creattica.com (Thank's Harry !). Pretty funny. http://www.tdbspecialprojects.com/
  9. MOO http://forums.creativecow.net/thread/2/904668 Search for flicker free end credits, there is an expression and an .aep somewhere to be D/L'ed I just can't remember off hand.
  10. Here is one from Motion Theory http://www.boardsmag.com/screeningroom/com...=2340;startat=0
  11. www.sounddogs.com search=bowling
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