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  1. Hi All, So many of you here have experience working with HD files, I'm hoping you can help. I have HD footage shot on Panasonic DVCPRO tape. I have a sony hvr-m15u deck that I'm trying to use to get the footage into my computer. Using some project settings I can get the record button to show, and the control buttons in PP will control the deck (I hear it moving and the counter does move), but the picture won't show up and when I hit record it says something to the effect of "no frames captured". Any suggestions are GREATLY appreciated. I have about 25 tapes, and the difference betwee me importing myself or paying to have it done will be costly... :-) Thanks for the time, LB
  2. If it all works out I will jump up and down, believe me. Always hated going back and forth between the two.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Interesting - I wonder how it handles layer effects and still keeps the text in vector form. I understand your opinion on preference, but there are certainly differences in the way the two programs work (although that difference has been shrinking for many years).
  4. Hi all, I know this isn't technically mograph, but over the many years I always find the best advice here - so... I occasionally have to print signage, and usually "design in Photoshop> import graphics into Illustrator> replace text in Illustrator> save as PDF". I just designed a 300dpi effects heavy image, and am wondering about the ability to save from Photoshop without having to mess with Illustrator. I've seen mention of "exporting in vector format" and it is 300dpi. = Is my work-flow the most efficient way to do it? = Can I essentially save/export a PDF from Photoshop that will keep the text vector? Your advice and input is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lands
  5. Thanks Adam. Yes, I often receive CS2, 3 and 4 projects to open and import. You mentioned problems going way back to v6. Have you had to and been able to open CS2-4 files? Anyone else on that?
  6. Great - thanks for the feedback. I wasn't aware of the 64bit speed improvements. That would be nice. Anyone else have any first hand experience - good or bad?
  7. Hi all, I've been using CS2 for some time now, but have now been given the funds at work to upgrade. I haven't kept up with the latest difference from CS4 to 5, other than some pretty cool photoshop stuff I saw demo'd. I work mainly in Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and AE. I'm worried that CS5 is still having issues. I'm also worried about is being able to open CS2 projects (or CS3 or 4 as I get sent those sometimes). I need to hit the ground running. I'm running Vista 64bit. I really appreciate the advice and first hand experiences. Thanks, L (btw - I once posted here quite a bit and lurked, but once the site had the big crash years ago I never re-registered. May how the time...)
  8. lands

    New Stuff x2

    Link worked fine for me. Critique (I give feedback as if it were my good friend asking for honest advice, so if you take things personal... don't) Some nice moments at the beginning. Liked that. Expected it to go somewhere - it got too long and too repetitive quick. At the end most of the colored stuff didn't work for me. Nice start of something. Good luck and take care. Lands
  9. All I can say is trying to get my project to work in Illustrator has been pure pain for the last few days. This patterns is made up of a symbol repeated 100 times or so on each line. I'm about 1/3 of the way down the page and it won't save if I do any more work, and it's slowed to a crawl. I can't figure out anything to make it work. Painful wasting time! Painful...
  10. Hi all, I'm having an issue I'm hoping you have have some suggestions on. As part of a project, I had to design a shape in Illustrator (it's just a 3 pointed star) and then shrink it down REALLY small. Then I had to line it up all the way across tha page and create a wallpaper of it. The problem I'm having is that Illustrator is seeming to have a real problem with memory working with it. Even in "outline" mode. I've created about 1/4 of the page, but after duplicating/moving anything else it either hangs or "can't save Illustrator file". I'm running CS3 with Vista and 4gb of ram. Any suggestions? Way to make file size smaller? Thanks a lot - I appreciate the time. Lands
  11. You wouldn't believe the things I built with Ray Dream Designer about 12 years ago... I tweaked the heck out of those wood, marble and metal spheres! The good ole days. If only I had stayed in the 3D world and kept at it. Use MAX from time to time for basic stuff.
  12. UPDATE: Thanks for the suggestion. This will come in handy later. I can't believe I forgot AE exports Flash (and very well from what I've seen so far). I've just never had to do it, so... Thanks as always.
  13. Thanks a million Tomber. $450 is pushing it for me, but it's good to have as a reference. AND - I don't know why I didn't think of trying AE. Take care
  14. Hi all, I posted a problem I've been having with the way Sorrenson Squeeze was compressing my .wmv files (the screenshot footage was distorted an unreadable). http://mograph.net/board/index.php?showtopic=15630&hl= The solution I found was using Windows Media Converter instead as I couldn't figure out the problem with Sorrenson. Well now I've got the same problem as I have to produce the same project as an FLV file. Can you recommend some other high quality converters? The few I've downloaded are crap. Thanks a bunch - I appreciate it. Lands
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