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  1. A Map of Australian motion graphics companies. I made this a year or so ago. They may have moved since then, but perhaps it will help you in some way. Best of luck!
  2. I like all of these. Keep em coming!
  3. the default fonts should be globally changed to GEORGIA and ITALICIZED to be like every other trendy site out there! but no, seriously i love the new design and I REALLY love the FEED style banner submissions.
  4. For outsiders like myself who haven't been frequenting this site to see your day to day posts on this forum, it definitely comes across as a tad pretentious and condescending. Just my 2c. I do like your tutorials section however. cheers!
  5. Great reel. you definitely have a large enough skillset to get a junior position anywhere in the world. Good work, and best of luck. Ben
  6. Very nice tutorial. Thanks again, Harry! b
  7. speunfed

    Hey all..

    wow... walked into that one.
  8. Awesome reel, and welcome to the fam! Keep in touch, y'hear!?
  9. DUUUDE you should have came to Frantic Films!! hahaha, i hear you know Kert! Woulda been awesome to work with you!
  10. I'd be willing to bet Apple would be very interested these for a future version of photobooth. Very nice work!
  11. EFFING DOPE, Sir. You got my vote.
  12. I'm really excited to see this bjork piece. The colors and the composition looks just... AHHHH!
  13. when i went to this site i was bombarded with popups and adware warnings.
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