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  1. Thanks for the fast reply I see what you are saying although, the AE comps are 1024x576 and the PSD are not bigger then 1500x800 pixels and in a range of 0-5 mb for each PSD-file. Not really that big right? I've exported the 12 gig quicktime with Quicktime now. Again with the same settings. Now it made 2.2 gig Quicktime of the 12 gig one. Is that weird? Did I just compressed the quicktime time twice with a animation-compression? Once from AE and then agian once from Quicktime? Thanks!
  2. Hi people! I'm working on a animation which has a length of 5 minutes. It's all build out of several PSD-files. Now my client asked me to render the movie out with a animation-compression. After 4 hours (!) rendering the file is 12 gig big. Is this normal? Because I taught animation was like 1 gig for each minute? And if this is right, how do I compress it? Because the archive/compress function inside Finder is not doing anything at all. Thanks for the replies Greets, Stephan
  3. Is this done with photos or a videocamera? Looks cool!
  4. Your reel is very nice! But how did you do the strokes in "Spot a job"? Is is the 3d-stroke of trapcode? Thnx
  5. Thanks for the advice Sao! I know i needed to capture it and write it down to a lossless codec. But the guy who filmed it done it this way. I also told him how to do it the next time
  6. thanks for the reply! i've converted it with mpegstreamclip to mov and it workes thanks
  7. Hello, Im having some problems with HDV. A cameraman filmed a videoclip on HDV with a Sony FX-1. He captured all the footage with Premiere en saved the movies als MPEG. So yesterday i got the data-dvd by mail. I wanted to edit the videoclip with Finalcut Pro on my Macbook Pro. But i cant even see the movies in Quicktime of in Finalcut Pro. When i try it on a PC it works fine. Am i missing some codecs or something? I use Final Cut Pro 5.1.4 Thanks in advance
  8. sound dope also listened to the 'house industries' but where can i see the movie? btw what kind of program do you use?
  9. haha, im one of those new c4d users thank for sharing!
  10. what kind of program do you guys advice me when i want to use my 3dmodels+animation in after effects?
  11. Euh TimC, Adobe CS2 was there before the intel mac were coming out. So who are you judging?
  12. hey, im having the same probs when im using the pathfinder. the moment i want to cut a cirle from a square (example) its crashes. also working on mac duo core here. but i've heard the beta of photoshop cs 3 is out. is made for intel core 2 duo systems. and i saw the replys where positive.
  13. thnx for sharing its nice to watch this kind of things
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