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  1. I second Cineform for all the reasons Sao said, especially in an AE- Premiere workflow.
  2. Well, may not be a fix, but a workaround that I noticed was the gap did not appear when I set the Offset of the Cloner in its' Object tab to "1" rather than default "0". Worked for me? Not sure why tho.....
  3. <---- Raises hand for a Windows port, and gets wallet out asap:) ...please please please? hehe....
  4. Currently working on a 2 minute spot for the US DOD @ 3892x800. Like Ians', it's one video, but its being projected on a custom screen 10 feet high and about 50 feet wide. Only 600 layers at the moment, but I'm only half-way done....so, who knows. Current asset file size is 47 gigs, footage, stills, frame sequences & audio tracks etc.
  5. I know how you feel:( Im 40, and I've had to turn down some on-site freelance jobs because all they had were macs. I hate having to tell the client that the first 3 days will be spent just getting used to another OS:( So yeah, I feel you, and it happens on both sides of the force;) Regardless, It's really a shame that Apple is doing this to you guys:(
  6. Agreed. And It's for that reason that I have mine built for me so that crap doesn't happen:)
  7. Really? Hm, I don't think I did, ..well, sorry if it came-off that way:)It's tough to get emotion across over text:) Regardless, I wasn't bashin him or anything, which is why I stated I wasn't tryin to be being coy:) Sorry if you misunderstood:) Indeed he did, right after stating: "Unfortunately there isn't really a brand that compares with the quality and cohesiveness of apple hardware. Dell and HP are all shitboxes by comparison, even the premium ones."Those are the statements that peaked my interest really, which is why I decided to look it up, as he suggests:) But if it really is all about the look of the CASE that's more important than making money, heck, then I've been doing things horribly wrong for 15 years, hehe.... I completely agreed with him on that point as Cinema doesn't take advantage of what the Pro cards (i.e. Quadros) have under the hood:( http://www.maxon.net...quirements.html I remember buying Maya back in 98 when it was first released for Windows at the low-low price of 10k, and when I made the switch to Cinema 4 years ago, I was mildly disappointed. I say mildly, because the cash I saved being able to get cheaper cards (i.e. GTX 580/690 etc.) allowed me to buy another cpu/ram combo for my dual-socket server mobo so all was right with the world as far as render-speeds again:) Also, I just checked out that Macrumors link , and I find it interesting that, at least on that page, (and even in the forums), every single comment is .... well... not good for Apple, or the writer of the article... I mean, in a LOT of those comments, those people are PISSED. Wow....
  8. "Shitboxes"? really? hehe.... Might wanna look again: http://nycppnews.com...20-workstation/ Looks like a pretty "shitty" Cinebench score it gets over the Mac Pro;) ...not tryin to be coy, hehe, just searched for cinebench scores like you said, and it came up:)
  9. BINKY is my spirit animal. And I, too, agree with all of this. Especially about the DJ's and the breasts. When I first had to spend a few hours searching how to close a simple spline, I seriously felt like C4D was on my couch doin this:
  10. Yeah, my girlfriends' family lives in Lowestoft, and says the train ride from London to there is a total bitch:( Thank god she's fine with London, or any of the cities you mentioned. Otherwise, like you said, I'd be screwed for Motion-jobs, lol.. Hey thanks very much!!!! Have a good one! Rock on.
  11. Thanks everyone for the great suggestions.... I think I'll just live/work in/around London if I make the move.... ..just seems less hassle & more lucrative that way.... Thanks again!
  12. Hey Dan! Thanks much for the reply! Well, after looking at that drive-time, that might be too far from Lowestoft.... Say for example I wanted to work closer, like around Ipswich or Norwich, might you know of any local job boards for what we do that might include that area? Most everything I can find is in or around London:( Any help would be welcomed! Thanks again for the reply Dan, I really appreciate it!
  13. Hey all, I did a search and found no mention of Suffolk, UK but I'll give it a try, who knows, maybe someone can point me in the right direction:) I'm entertaining the idea of moving to England, specifically Suffolk in and/or around Lowestoft. If anyone would care to point me in the direction of any local Motion Design houses there, or even local Motion Design job boards for that locale, I would be very grateful. Digital Signage houses are fine as well. I'm asking here before I spend a few days on google, lol... Thanks again for any help!
  14. Currently Available for FT Motion Design Work

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