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  1. hey man, is there a reason why the QT has to be mapped to the luminance channel? if you clear that channel and map it to the color channel, it will do what you want.
  2. soon...Bank of America will become The Bank of America... nationalization may be a good idea. and..that is one sweet video
  3. In the case of a country, the value backing its currency is (roughly) the strength of its economy and the size of its GDP, or all the goods and services it produces. If our economy grows, our dollar stays strong compared to other country’s currencies. But if we just started printing paper, the value of those dollars would fall and we’d see prices rise at the same rate. So printing more dollars might help you pay a debt that was incurred in “old dollars,” but everyone would get hurt. People holding debt would lose because they'd get paid in worthless currency. Consumers would have to go shopping with a suitcase instead of a wallet. And the U.S. Treasury would have a hard time ever borrowing again. So as bad as deficits and debt are, inflation is worse.
  4. thank you everyone for your kind words!
  5. Hello all! I have finally updated my site and my demo reel. please take a look and any feedback would be greatly appreciated! http://www.knarfiedesign.com Thanx!
  6. running into this error when i am trying to use the script, please help.
  7. http://www.creativegroup.com/TCG/SalaryGuide pick up a free copy, or u can just call them and they can email u a PDF file of the same thing. pretty accurate salary guide.
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