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  1. Thanks guys, please let me know of any others. Cheers.
  2. Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone can give me some links of stylish 2.5d photo manipulation used in documentaries and or film? I recall watching a Rap doco with stylised design and 2.5d motion? I thought it was Made in America: Bloods and Crips, but doesn't look like it and I can't find the example anywhere! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks! James
  3. Hey Everyone, I've just uploaded my new Montage and would love to share! Cheers, James
  4. Hey There Guys, I've just uploaded some new work including this spot which I'd love to share:
  5. You don't need to tell me about hard work. I know. And he will too soon enough. I'm sure he's just trying to get his head around the technique.
  6. I'm sick of seeing people have a go at guys just starting out. People just want to learn. Yes, you make a good point about experimenting yourself, thats how I learnt as well. There seems to be so much mocking at people starting out. Just go easy on people.
  7. JIMMY


    Aussie here: @jamesboorman
  8. I've just upload a couple of new TVC spots that I completed late last year. All comments welcome. Thanks for checking them out. http://vimeo.com/user2775077/videos
  9. Thanks, I had a lot of fun putting that one together. It's going to cinemas around Australia too which is pretty cool. Cheers again!
  10. Hey there Guys, My name is James Boorman. I live in Adelaide, Australia. Here's some of my recent work: http://vimeo.com/user2775077 Cheers, Jimmy
  11. Thanks for that Todd, nice to hear a bit of light on it. It's such a great but render heavy effect and sometimes that prevents me from using it.
  12. Just wondering if anyone knows why you still can use multi processing rendering when Lens Blur is applied? You could do it in CS3 but not in CS4 and now same with CS5. Pretty frustrating as I like to use it a lot but hold off due to this issue. Cheers. PS. Also, while I'm at it, I wonder when can we expect to see a shadow colour option in our light settings??
  13. The thing that annoys me the most about CS4 AE is that multiprocessing is instantly disabled when lens blur is applied. This never use to happen in CS3. I would have thought with the recent update it would have been fixed. so....will this issue be addressed sometime in the near future? I hope so.
  14. Think another answer would be to pre render my titles with dof turned off and bring them back in. Seeing I'm dealing with very large files, I'm reluctant to duplicate any unnecessary files.
  15. Hi Lawrence, But I only want 1 specific layer to not apply depth of field. Can u do this? Cheers, J
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