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  1. Wow. That is good. He's got game. -gl
  2. I am doing some research on design and film and I am wondering if anyone has some good examples of typography in short films. I have seen the MK12 "Brazil" piece and al the copies thereafter. What others are there? I am working on a project and want to see what else has already been done. -gl
  3. I have the SR 2.2 MBP and I am very happy with it. I would like to have the bigger vram but, it's not a serious issue. I am not sure I would want the newest updates. They look like they have worse battery life (mine is exceptionally good) and they are not a bit faster. I would recommend getting a refurbed MBP b4 getting a MB to run AE on in a serious way. -gl
  4. I am on 10.5.1 with my MBP and CS3 apps play just fine. There are some features that I have quickly become dependent on like QuickLook (LUV THIS) but others are not as helpful as I thought they might be like "Spaces". Time Machine is a great idea but, it needs maturity. Overall though, I like Leopard a lot. I have not updated to 10.5.2 yet. I will wait to see what happens -gl
  5. Definitely do the 8800GT, the 5600 is not a great ROI card for most. I would pay the $800 premium. The 2.8 Octo feels like the right place to be for me. I would rather spend money on ram, storage and video. Having a lot of ram will make a much bigger difference than the 200 or 400 Mhz. There are good 3rd party memory options. OWC (macsales.com) is a good one as is crucial. Don't buy the Apple ram...way too over priced. -gl
  6. Apple has always met with success on the floor but at a big price. I am guessing that the ROI opportunity this year is lessened due to the fact that there is not boing to be any big announcements made. At least, this is what I assume. -gl
  7. Apple is not dropping out of the event, just not having a booth on the floor. They have announced an event over at the Sands on Monday morning. I think they, Avid and Apple, are just looking for a way to focus on their message without the noise of the other hawkers. -gl
  8. gl

    Graphics tablets

    Ahh...but, here is the other dilemma. By putting the tablet in front of the laptop, it forces the laptop screen away from you even more. It felt like a little to far to me and would cause me to lean in a bit and then I transfered health issues from my wrist/hand to my back. Do you find this? -gl
  9. gl

    Graphics tablets

    I don't use Quicksilver, should I? Where do you place the tablet? I have tried putting it on the side but with my laptop I have cables coming out on the right side (Usually just firewire) and I find it is rather awkward to reach that far. If I put it any where else I can't reach the keyboard easily. The fact that I try to use the trackpad on my MBP for a lot more than I should tells you how much I want to lose the mouse. Maybe Apple will release something like a Multi-Touch tablet for me...no mouse or pen...just fingers -gl
  10. gl

    Graphics tablets

    Ugh, tablets are the grand mystery for me... I have owned several and sold them. I have had the hardest time integrating them into my workflow mainly because I am so shortcut-centric in all of my tools. I would LOVE to loose the mouse completely but, the tablet is difficult to work with a keyboard that I just can't get it integrated. Now, I do a lot of my work on my MBP and it is even more difficult. Any advice? My last tablet was an Intuos 2 6x8 so, the 6x11 is probably what I would look at id I tried this again. I have not seen the 6x11 in person but, the 6x8 would fit in my laptop bag...will the 6x11? -gl
  11. I don't agree that the name is meaningless. It is something that thought should be applied to - show us you can generate a concept. However, the only real criteria I would say is fundamentally essential would be: 1) Keep it VERY simple. Easy to spell and remember 2) Makes sure you can get a meaningful domain name (The toughest part of this) 3) Make sure there isn't some fabulously talented group using a similar or the SAME name in the SAME industry...like I did. It sounded so perfect at the time -gl
  12. Do you need to know how to draw well to be successful in mograph? No. However, drawing is seeing. It is difficult to really put your ideas in motion without fully knowing them and drawing sets up your brain to start contriving in that space. The pencil is the best tool for really honing an idea. I use my sketch book for EVERY project I work on yet, I am not that great of a pencil artist. It does improve my projects though as I am solving problems in an environment that I can think more conceptually - I have found the computer to offer little in terms of my conceptualizing a project. My advice, don't even consider this. Just determine that you will draw and it will become part of you. If you are a design fan, then listen to Milton Glaser: "I was sitting in front of my mother one night at the age of 17 or 18, and I looked at her and thought, “I’d like to do her portrait.” I’d never done her portrait before. And you know what happens when your mind shifts into drawing mode—you suddenly see something for the first time. And I realized as I decided to draw that I had absolutely no idea what she looked like. The image of her appearance had impressed itself on my mind probably when I was 3 years old, and it hadn’t changed very much. I was able to see her only because I made the decision to draw her." I don't know of any other method to achieve this level of sensitivity and observance. -gl
  13. I should clarify that I actually do not use the cases from this specific vendor. I bought my cases that are very similar from a different company and I created my own artwork/printing. That was the easiest link I could find to the general approach. -gl
  14. Actually, that is my point. To my understanding, the drivers are written/finalized by Apple engineers - not the card manufactures. It is a serious weakness of the platform that is rather unfortunate that it gets drug along with each OS release. -gl
  15. In the past, the Quadros have not been well supported in OS X even though they are available. Most apps did not see huge gains from them including Maya. I think this is mainly the fault of the OpenGL drivers. However, the 8800GT is a much better option than the previous X1900 offering. -gl
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