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  1. I got my boss to buy it today, its pretty cool, and theres many presets te pro bundle brought 50, so hopefully we eont see the same 5 everywhere, they also have some repository with custom ones people upload?
  2. http://www.dafont.com/united-states.font
  3. MK12 Has a Blast with Quantum Main Titles MK12 discusses going Bond with the iconic title sequence and other graphical goodies and with exclusive clip. http://www.vfxworld.com/index.php?atype=articles&id=3881
  4. For me, when theres a .tv address i cant just press CTRL+ENTER to get the www. and .com so even before going to the website I already heate it, if its .tv , so if your target audience is lazy i'd recommend to just have the .com
  5. Remember when you'd hear a real good song on the radio, went and bought the CD, and the other 14 were total crap...
  6. this is madness... now the first 3 sound cool, the nitro circus DVDs of travis pastrana are amaaazziing i hope Ken Block is on the show too, ROb and Big was cool too and i hope collegeHumor is cool cause the website is pretty good
  7. its a number from russia what do you expect
  8. yeah it was boring, the comments are funny tho "Innovation thats what HOV does" "Jay Z is so creative" like he got down and learned flash and animated the video
  9. I WANT TO FFWD TO MAY 1ST NOW!!!!!!!! that gambit looks weird,
  10. Oh come on! just some eye-candy to make it entertaining, also no terorists make their own Font , and definitely its not realistic that he meets two girls, the daughter of a dictator from a third world country and an "office" employee from an embassy and they both look like supermodels.
  11. fernan!


    what an arrogant jerk now he put the comments back in irony. JUST TAKE THE THING OFF AGAIN!!!! heheheh
  12. so u know if there is a color picker plugin for PC?
  13. http://www.blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/category/freebies
  14. youre gonna have to drop some cash if you want me driving a sierra with segal
  15. http://www.vimeo.com/1155686 - CHemical Brothers- Star GUitar I guess this is more VFX than MOgraph but i think its just awesome and i cant figure out how they did it they like keyed or rotoscoped a whole bunch of landscape and put it together ?
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