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  1. Maya can be amazing but you´ll have to be prepared to spend 6 months to finish something and to loose your sanity It needs a total rewrite ! I recently tried C4D and i was truly impressed ( very different from the 2003 Cinema 4d )It´s intuitive , fast and reliable! So my advice goes to Cinema 4D
  2. coppa

    second reel.

    invalid data your reel doesn´t open ...
  3. Yes i tried Quickthumb already but it never worked ... Any programmer willing to do something like that ? It shouldn´t be that difficult ...
  4. Ok i´ll rephrase my question: Imagine i have a folder with quicktime , mpg and avi movies On windows if i set the folder options to thumbnails i get an image preview ( thumbnail ) for the avi and mpg but not for the quicktime movies. What i am asking is there any way of having that thumbnail preview before i click to see the movie on a mov format ? Thanks
  5. Hi How can i get a thumbnail preview of a Quicktime movie on windows ? Thanks
  6. coppa


    Design is weak Animation is weak I would suggest 0. Create a storyboard! You have to Know what you want to do first 1.Get a decent background texture 2.Animate the splashes 3.Smooth your camera moves - less is more 4.Change the colors 5. Improve your typography 6.Get a better music !!! 7. and make it shorter Hope this helps
  7. Hi 1.Open Maya 8.5 2.Download maya8.5 bonus tools ( help - download bonus tools ) 3.Activate the 3ds import.mll in maya plugin manager ( windows - Plugin manager ) 4.Import your 3ds file in maya and save it as an obj or a maya scene. (You can also preserve the textures ) V.
  8. It's just amazing that after effects has not an option for us to use the photoshop brushes in an easy way ...
  9. coppa

    jobs rss

    Hi Is there any way of having rss of the jobs forum ? thanks c.
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