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    3D Mouse

    Thanks!! That looks awesome...I think I have a new work expense..
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    3D Mouse

    Wow, I hadn't really looked into these before...they look pretty cool. Any reason why they wouldn't be awesome in C4D?
  3. 10.8.5 for us at work and at home. Simply no compelling reason to upgrade. The preview function is one of the top things OSX has/had going for it, so I see no reason to leave that behind in all the later OS updates. I should also say that the next planned OS update involves moving to Windows 8.1, not a newer Mac.
  4. ok, of course we found something right after I posted this: UXSoft apple wireless keyboard app. Works perfect so far.
  5. So just to update this thread, we got our new workstations built and almost ready to go. Here are the shared specs: Asus x99 WS-E motherboard 64GB Corsiar LPX RAM 2x Samsung SSDs (OS and cache) 1x 1TB Western Digital drive (project files) external raids (existing) Corsair 780t/760t cases EVGA 1600w PSU Corsair H100i CPU cooler For the Octane workstation, we planned 3 Titan Zs. So far we have only been able to source 2. Apparently all Titans have been discontinued, and the only ones that have been available online are from private sellers charging 50-80% or more over list price. Rumor has it a Titan 2 is coming out in March, but we couldn't wait that long. Frustrating for sure after all this time. So the Octane workstation got a 5960x CPU that has OC'd to 4.2ghz. The other workstation that we can't get Titans for has a 2697 v3 CPU OC'd to 3.1ghz. We are just dropping a 980 into that workstation just to get it up for now. The Asus board has been awesome. The decent OCs on the CPUs and the RAM OC'd to 3.0-3.1 ghz was pretty painless. There is still room for more, but I have stuff to render The one downside so far is that the top Titan Z card is thermal throttling down to 550mhz (from the stock 700) when rendering Octane. The other 3 cards (software sees each titan z as 2 titans) stay boosted to around 1050mhz. Once I get the third gpu, I'll see what I can do about the temps...probably put in some larger case fans. I've seen Maingear do a 4xTitanZ build with water cooling, and the same specs otherwise, for about $4k more than we just spent. So I'll take 200-400mhz slower on one card for that savings... The other part we just found out yesterday is that the built in RAID controller won't do RAID 5 across 6 HDs...it will only do RAID0 or it starts using fewer drives for other RAID modes. So given all that, the speeds in Octane are awesome. It Octane net renders with our other box that has 4xTitan Blacks ok. Octane's net render isn't perfect yet...but it is fast. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask..
  6. So we've officially moved to PC workstations now too after testing the waters for awhile. So far so good. To help ease the transition (and because they are awesome), we are still using our mac keyboards. Do any of you guys know a good key remapping program? If I could just swap the option and cmd keys, that would be a great start...
  7. I think mograph is a great first career. It exposes you to a lot of other people and business types. Mograph as a business, as it currently is in the US, is terrible. The business model, along with what este.eri said, sucks. The overall situation still continues to get worse. I see no sign on the horizon of it improving either. For some of us, pushing pixels all our lives might be enough. Hey it is a relatively easy living and at the end of the day you have made other people's ideas prettier. Where would we be without pretty ads or shows?
  8. This. Basically I've been less than impressed with the performance and stability of the faster nvidia cards on Mac, so IMHO building a custom PC is the cheapest/most bang for your buck with Octane currently. I'm actually spec'ing out our second PC for GPU rendering with Octane now...it will probably replace the 2010 MP sitting in front of me. Adding a second PSU to a mac pro to get another gpu to work in it seemed too risky, or at least not a solution that would probably work trouble free for years to come. For your budget, you could build a decent PC with probably 2 GPUs and use the iMac as the monitor. Edit: Oh and about their cloud service...it looks interesting, but there have been no set arrival dates or pricing. So don't count on that yet...
  9. Looking good. I agree, once you switch to Octane it is hard having to go back for any reason...
  10. weird... windows + tab does nothing for me. control + tab doesn't do anything for explorer.
  11. Ok, so this is probably a dumb question, but it's driving me nuts. On Windows 8.1, how do I alt + tab to bring up all windows in an app? Like how I alt + tab to Finder and all of my windows come up at once...having to tab to each open window now in file explorer is stupid. Bonus question: how do I cmd + ~ to cycle through the open windows within my current app?
  12. I've done some. Basically I used a lot of mograph deforms set to point/poly mode and animated the size and strength. Using vertex weight/mapping to help drive animated displacement strength also helped in the more detailed areas the mograph deformers were to cumbersome to deal with. Depending on your shots, you can also pre-cut your holes and possibly use some of the cloth tools. The rock formations are tricky depending on how much time you have to spend. The sculpt stuff can get you going pretty well, but it also depends on the scale of the shots. Some people have used Vue to generate the terrain and then bring it into C4D to texture and animate. DEM data can also be used.
  13. Love these. I still don't know why ft-Toolbar isn't built in to AE. Mine: Assigning quick keys in C4D for "scroll to first active", "select children", "connect objects and delete", and "unfold selected"
  14. Exactly. Thanks for those links Vozzz. Picassa alone makes such a difference...
  15. Not for those of us still on 10.8.5
  16. So far, so good man. I'm liking it a lot. It's money well spent. It will be better when we get the rest of the workstations built, but you could stop by anytime to see the one we have now. http://instagram.com/p/t_oTvBlDG2/ It feels wrong switching back to PC after all these years, but windows 8.1 is making it less painful than I expected. I still miss being able to quickview files in open/save windows, but the speed overall is worth it.
  17. To run even one Titan it is recommended that you have an additional psu (if you have any other pci cards or a lot of HDs), so a Titan Z should need one. The GTX 680 we currently have in our 2010 MP is the fastest/most cuda cores you can safely put in without additional power. Cuda runs fine on at least 10.8.5. The latest web drivers for nvidia & cuda are available from nvidia's site. There is no point to quadros with Octane/TFD/Adobe anything. Octane, and overall performance while running Octane, works best with more than one GPU. If you want to go the additional PSU route for the 2010 MP, getting 2 780s would be the best option for the $ and stability of the system. If you don't want to add a PSU, then build the system in this thread
  18. If you are doing something where Cuda cores are the most important, get a 780 (or 780ti if you don't need 6GB of ram). If cost is more important, then a previous gen card also gets a lot of bang for your buck. Just compare cuda cores per $..
  19. Hey so just to update this thread, we got the first render node built and are waiting to do the workstations until early 2015. This node is a beast! Thanks for all the help. The latest intels came out the week before we were going to order, so we ended up going with the 5930k processor and EVGA Classified motherboard (purely because of availability...the ASUS x99-E WS board is what we really wanted). Just using the XMP profile in the ram and the H100i cooler, I got a stable OC of 4.1ghz (w/o changing voltage). Cinebench 15 gets around 1200 on this, so it's almost to the 1350ish of our 2010 Mac Pro. I know I could go higher, but I don't need a lot of CPU power now, and I want to save power for the 4 GTX Titan Blacks (Asus brand). With the Corsair 730t case, and a couple Noctura fans, full load on all GPUs is about as loud as our external HD Pro RAID for the Mac Pro. Windows 8.1 seems good...I don't know what people are complaining about. Of course what matters is how Octane performs...which is amazing. It's not perfect yet, but it is workable and so fast. For the house interiors/exteriors and occasional logo it is near perfect. More complex scenes/textures that won't fit in 6GB of ram still have to use another renderer. The Titans were a bit overkill, but the project this is all mainly for lasts until May and they seem to be the best option until then. The 780s looked good too, but none of the 6GB versions come with the reference cooler (that ACX cooler doesn't look like it would work well stacked 4 high and I don't want a slower card getting temperature throttled too). As for the workstations to come, they will be this build but with the 5960x CPU, ASUS x99-e WS board, and 64GB ram. The main advantage of that board is the true 16x PCI-E lanes for all the Titans. The other advantage of that x99-e WS board is it accepts Xeon CPUs too, so if we go back to more CPU rendering, we can just drop in a single E5-2697 v3 or something. The workstations will also get some SSDs and an internal RAID 10. The build went smooth too...except for the bad PSU (Corsair 1500i). After we figured out it was the PSU, and not the motherboard or ram, it went fine.
  20. You should ask Ash Thorp...he's down there. https://soundcloud.com/the-collective-podcast
  21. hmm that normally fixes it. You can keyframe that setting so that it doesn't slow down the rest of the sim after you need it up front. Check your project/dynamics/steps per frame setting or increase your particle birthrate. If that doesn't do it, switch to a thinking particle emitter instead of a standard emitter will give more control that could probably fix this too.
  22. I think he is talking about the frame sub-steps limit under solver. Up it to 2-5 and you should be good to go. You could also keyframe your smoke smoothing (under rendering/smoke shader) to be a little higher at the start, and then go to normal after the start where this is happening.
  23. I agree with jkorenman. That's basically how we work too. Going from 29.97p to 59.94i deliverables usual works fine. Our tests in online showed minimal differences when the graphics are played in context with the footage that was also most likely shot at 29.97 for our shows. Do they want 59.94i or p?
  24. Wow, that shows a lot of potential. I wonder how many music videos will use that when it is released...
  25. I've been digging into Octane too lately, and yes, you have it setup right.
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