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  1. The more I'm looking into this, the less terrible it is...Apple is just once again forcing their direction on the industry, regardless of the cost or inconvenience to their users. I'm seeing plenty of "adapters" to make our various devices work with thunderbolt (in theory at least). Ignoring the CUDA GPU issue for now, which is a deal breaker, the biggest issue becomes performance per $. Since Apple never competes on price, we can expect this tube will cost 10-15% than the same hardware PC...but then when you have to add a thunderbolt external PCIe box (or new capture/playout device that is already thunderbolt), additional adapters (from displayport, eSATA, FW800, etc.) and other parts, it becomes hundreds more than the same PC for those of us who have existing hardware to consider. If you're just starting out, and buying all new external devices, it isn't so complicated...just slightly more expensive than before (example: a basic raid on the last mac pro involved adding 2-3 bare internal hard drives vs now having to buy the thunderbolt enclosure + drives).
  2. I think this makes everyone who has already switched to PC seem like geniuses. What choice do those of us who need CUDA and SDI out have but to jump to PC now?
  3. no CUDA = time for windows no expansion (outside of thunderbolt2, which is a wild card right now) = time for windows no eta = ...
  4. This was brought up in another thread, but I thought we could expand on it here. How big is the mograph community? USA and global? 500? 5000? Has anyone seen any real data on this lately? And no, I don't know exactly how to define this (if they use AE, # of C4D licences, etc...) because I don't know how whoever may have collected data on this has defined things.
  5. Tezuka, you are a genius. That was it! I had messed with the Blend Mode stuff first, but didn't have the Modify Clone turned up.
  6. I thought it would be something I was just simply overlooking. Maybe not?? The U/V Transforms on the effectors has nothing to do with textures (according to the manual, and I have yet to get them to effect anything). I've gotten by on this first version by just duplicating the same object and manually shifting around the UV texture offsets, but I thought I could somehow pipe the random effector into changing those on the clones. I can't seem to find a way of getting an effector to change those values (they all seem to only want to change PSR values). I'm thinking a COFFEE effector could do it now, but I don't know coffee well enough to make it happen. The clones are all animating, so I can't just do world coordinates on the noise texture. I've tried using Xpresso to link the u/v offsets to rotation, etc. but I think I'm missing something that happens when those objects are used inside a cloner object (it works great for a single object). My thought here is that I can setup a dummy cloner object with randomly rotated clones that can be referenced by my real cloner object to drive the offsets by those rotation values. Kind of like using the inheritance effector, but choosing how it routes the data.
  7. I'm trying to get random UV offsets on the textures of clones of a mograph object. Basically I just want to offset the layered noise I have distressing these clones' texture. What am I missing here?
  8. The closest thing I've found is using this color vision for pixel blender + this pixel blender for cs6 script. Here is a link about what's going on. It seems like there should be a preset for synthetic aperture that could do it, but I've gotten busy today and haven't found anything yet...
  9. Hey where can I find an AE CS6 plugin, or preset for synthetic aperture/looks/colorista/etc plugin, to simulate color blindness like PS CS6 has?
  10. I think the Panavision example is spot on. For people buying new licenses, I think CC is great. Who wouldn't want just $30-50/mo/computer added to the rest of the startup costs compared to the old pricing. I also like the idea of the monthly price for home/freelance computers (who would rather give up less than an hour of work per month for their software instead of much of a project once a year). I also agree that for those of us who have spent thousands in the past to stay current, this gives back relatively little for customer loyalty. It is also more expensive annually for those of us who usually only upgraded every other year. But unlike then, now when we don't see a reason to upgrade, Adobe still gets our monthly fee.
  11. So do any of you know of some site/app like vimeo, behance, etc. that allows you to share WIPs with other designers to get feedback without violating NDAs or a lot of hassle? (and yes I know even doing that may violate some NDAs, but at least it is better than posting it up here or somewhere semi-public). I know a lot of us work alone on freelance, etc. that could really use another set of eyes on something before it goes out to the client. There's always email I guess, but I'm looking for something quick and easy to post to, in order to get feedback from a select few designers when they have time to check it out. I haven't dug too deep into the latest vimeo/behance/linked in app features lately, but I was just curious what may be out there that people are actually using..
  12. Looking good Ed! 2 years already? wow...you guys have been busy. I like the rest of your site too..
  13. Hey Ed, I've been looking into m4d (and octane) too. Unfortunately, we don't have the GPUs yet to really test them out. I haven't heard a ton about these yet, even over on cgtalk (which I take as a bit of a negative). The trial of m4d was kind of useful, but I couldn't get the demo scenes to render correctly (again, I don't know if it is from our ati cards or what). I did like all the mr materials made in max, etc. that you can find online and bring into m4d.
  14. So I'm trying to get my camera created by Action Cam from C4D r14 into AE cs6. I can get PSR data through the aec by baking the camera (well technically baking a new camera that uses xpresso to link the action cam camera global matrix to the new camera's global matrix). Now how do I get the focal length across? I've tried getting the focal length and focal distance out of c4d by linking those to the coordinates of another camera (so the x coord is the focal length and y is distance), but I can't route the focal length in AE right. I could get the focal distance to link back that way though. What am I missing?
  15. Looking good Chad! I love the engine titles (just like how your titles last year were awesome too).
  16. I agree. This vendor model sucks. Not to hi-jack this thread, but what is a better model that would actually work in this field? I know there are a variety of opinions on this, but what do you guys think it would take to make this all sustainable? As it is now, there is no way any of us can grow old in this field...we do it until we burn out and then move on to something with real profit margins. Sure, a lucky few may stay with it but they are not the rule.
  17. Yes the plugin isn't cheap, but we haven't found anything comparable...and we do a lot of map-ish type stuff that makes it worth while. The OSM Importer looks cool. As long as you can get the 2D path/route spline into C4D, you can always project it down on top of your DEM data. If it works out, let us know..
  18. I've kind of done this. I used a route created in google maps, saved as a kml. Brought that into Illustrator using the Map Publisher plugin to geo-sync it to the map area I had already imported. Then brought that Illustrator file into C4D and just had to match up the size of the splines manually to the land in C4D.
  19. So a couple weeks in, how are you liking the PCs now Ed? Now I haven't used a PC in a few years, (so maybe this is standard now) but is there a way/software to see your recent folders when you go to save/open things?
  20. These tests may be helpful: http://www.barefeats.com/minivmp.html http://www.barefeats.com/wst10.html
  21. 1. Try restarting C4D and see if it will do it then (I've had this fix this exact thing recently).2. If it still won't, do 'optimize' on it to make sure all your points are actually connecting.Jayfaker has the right idea on this one..
  22. Is this what you were thinking of? http://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/files/file/158-creating-rain-with-the-ripple-shader/
  23. http://www.fxguide.com/featured/disney-buys-lucasfilm-and-thus-ilm/ http://techcrunch.com/2012/10/30/disney-to-acquire-lucasfilm/ Really?!
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