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  1. Teddy

    Table Manners

    I have not been on this forum for rather a while, but I just wanted to share our most recent little animation with you guys. Hope you like it.
  2. Teddy

    New website

    Hi Guys, Just made a new website for myself. Please take a look. http://o-motion.co.uk/ Olly
  3. Teddy

    Seasonal Animation

    Yeah I used to just slice everything up and parent it all together. The little girl animation was really just a test for using that script. It certainly worked though and I will definitely be using it again.
  4. Teddy

    Seasonal Animation

    Hi Joe, I separated out all hat and head pieces in Photoshop. But for the body I just used the puppet tool and then rigged it using this extremely handy little tool/script http://aescripts.com/gg_puppettools/ Hope that helps.
  5. Thanks Willryan, I think that may be the best solution in this case.
  6. Thanks Jay and Gerkx, unfortunately as i mentioned the project already has hundreds of masked images with in it that I need to replace with different sized images and then rescale so using an alpha above won't work. It was really just a question of wether there was an option when using the pan behind tool to also scale that image (perhaps with a keyboard short cut ) But I get the impression there is not. But thank you both for the suggestions.
  7. Thanks Jay, that is what I am currently doing but unfortunately it is the ability to scale behind the mask that I am having difficulty with. I would normally just use a matte layer or something on top but unfortunately I have hundreds of masks that I need to replace the footage in and then re scale the image. I almost need to be able to animate in Indesign for this dry job.
  8. Quick question, Ok so if I have the anchor point tool selected in AE it is possible to shift an object around within a mask without moving the mask. But is there a way to scale that image with out also scaling the mask. I have tried lots of variants of holding apple, shift etc but nothing seems to work? Thanks, Olly
  9. I made this little animation the other day to practice my character animation. I hope you like it. https://vimeo.com/51990347
  10. Teddy

    New showreel

    Hi Please check out my new showreel, any feedback welcome. http://www.o-motion....motion-showreel I hope you guys like it.
  11. Teddy

    New website

    Just updated my website, please take a look www.o-motion.co.uk
  12. As no one has left you any feed back i will, I think it is really nice, great music and great feel. The one thing I would say is perhaps towards the end it gets a little repetitive or at least I feel I have already seen everything you have to offer, but if you where to end it a little sooner (perhaps 1 min) I think you would leave people wanting more. Olly
  13. Just looked at the same website clicked around a bit then typed in After effects again and it came back with £ 34 k as the average..... think the website might be a bit loopy.
  14. Teddy

    Updated Showreel

    Recently updated my showreel, Any comments/criticism welcome. www.o-motion.co.uk Cheers, Olly
  15. Thanks Mete, i discovered my problem was not clicking the collision Use rest speed button. Cheers, Olly
  16. I am very new too C4D but am currently playing around with the Dynamics functions. However what i wanted was to break up my logo and have each part drop to the floor with a bit of rock about then come to rest. The first part i have achieved however once they come to rest they then all start to sink slowly into the ground (not what i wanted) but i dont know why ? The object they land on is a plane i have also tried a cube with say only 10m depth, but both times the objects sink through ? I am also using rigid dynamics for both the surface they land on and the objects Does anyone have any obvious suggestions that i may have missed ? Cheers in advance.
  17. Christ, those are amazing.
  18. I use a 2.4 MBP for everything, I am a freelancer so often need to go into companies and take my computer with me. Yes sometimes I crave a little more power but in general it serves me just fine. I do always hook it up to a second monitor for the timeline when i am at home though, cos it can be quite a pain in the arse working on just a 17 inch screen.
  19. Teddy

    MTV Birds

    Thats lovely. really like it.
  20. Teddy

    My first reel

    Thanks for your feedback guys, I had been working as the only motion designer at a company for a couple of years so its really nice to hear the opinions of others that actually do motion graphics. Pamunoz, Will get the untitled doc thing sorted (have never made a website before so that would have totally passed me by) Complete2, which of the O'Neill pieces ? the sort of Robotic one with the 3D text at the start is all mine design and animation, but the one at the end where it comes out of the water the logo was designed by someone else and I just animated it. Anyway thanks again for all your positive feedback.
  21. Teddy

    My first reel

    Hi Guys, I have recently gone freelance and appreciate any feedback on my reel. www.o-motion.co.uk Thanks, Olly
  22. http://www.sehsucht.de/html/main_enter.html Click on the mercedes link, maybe not exactly what your looking for but nice none the less.
  23. Thanks Andy, I think you right about 'if i needed to ask'. I think i may see how cheap i can get it for then sell it on to buy a decent sized screen to use with the laptop at home. Cheers for the advice Olly
  24. The Company i work for has just gone under and made me redundant... Bugger However on the back of this I have decided to take the opportunity to go freelance. My question however is that i have been offered to buy the Dual 2.3ghz G5 i currently work on for a reasonable price (price not yet agreed upon ). However i have recently just bought a 17inch 2.4 mac book pro and i was wondering if it was worth me buying the G5 (as i will be pretty strapped for cash for a while) as i already have very fast laptop. i.e what are the pros and cons speed wise of both. I mostly use After effects and a little cinema 4d. Unfortunately I have never been that clued up on the hardware side of things Thanks Olly
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