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  1. hi, wanted to share my animation - Elements of design-
  2. Any decent conferences happening in July in Europe? Tried googlin but only seeing web stuff. FITC/OFFF type events ideally.
  3. thanks - it's a information based motion graphics piece using Cinema and after effects. Very short (40 seconds) There's a specific theme to it..it's accessible, so hopefully will get some views. Just waiting on sound design from a friend, then it's ready to post up. yeah vimeo staff picks would be great. just wondering what else is out there as it's not something I've considered before. Don't mind paying a little for the entry. Just want to get it out there and see what happens. I think this is the first time I've actually finished a personal project..ha usually starts and ends life as an idea in a sketchbook.
  4. Just finished up a personal piece which I've been working on between jobs…would be great if we can get a list of sites/award shows where I can consider submitting? Cheers
  5. chips

    Tiny Worlds

    amazing! love these
  6. hey, great work. nice variation of styles in there. I'd take out the clips that are shown twice though. Plus I think I spotted a Greyscale Gorilla thing in there…the wreath?
  7. chips

    Four Tet Visuals

    Thanks guys, We collaborated with 'Artefact' for the projection side of the project and Madmapper was used to map the shapes.
  8. chips

    Four Tet Visuals

    just finished a short edit of the visuals I created for a recent Four Tet show in Toronto & wanted to share, Cheers, http://wearepersonnel.com/FOUNDRY-WEEK-1-FEATURING-FOUR-TET
  9. chips


    looking to submit a personal motion piece to something...somewhere. Decent award shows. Not bothered about prizes or anything, just figured I might as well put it out there and see what happens. Don't mind paying a small fee. any links appreciated!
  10. chips

    Thought Process

    Just finished this short animation called "Thought Process" thanks!
  11. San Fran decent for motion graphics or is it more agencyland out there?
  12. hi, looking for good examples of HUD graphics and futuristic interfaces used in films..similar to Gmunk's Tron stuff. any links or refs appreciated! thanks
  13. ok sorry. all the views were linked to a cam. mod feel free to delete.
  14. currently 4 views. all showing perspective. if I change one, they all change. Trying to figure out how to reset to defaults ideally I can lock them to show perspective, top, front & left. can't find a way to fix this!
  15. come on guys. it's nice to share I found this guy inspiring - http://www.motionworks.com.au/2010/12/unplugged-28/
  16. I've been to a few festivals - f5, Pause, offf and always get a lot from the presentations. can we get a links of presentations/talks goin? Mike "the monkey" on Cinema - talks a lot about sound in C4D. Picked up a lot of things from this - http://vimeo.com/12403375 touches on 'time tracks' for the awesome ecko watch piece.
  17. oh yes. so much good stuff. thanks!
  18. Can we get a thread going with examples of nice boards and styleframes? I love seeing what other people have done...not always that easy to track down good examples of styleframes.
  19. cheers Sao_Bento. sorry I meant clothed models. lookin for good looking models walking around, posing etc that I can integrate into styleframes. fashion model type shots just wondering if there was a well known site for that kind of thing that people use.
  20. for pitches... high res sexy model shots that I can use in my pitches? ideally lots of shots in various poses also ideally free. thanks
  21. hey I can't open that attachment. >> "Board Message Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information. The error returned was: Sorry, but you do not have permission to use this feature. If you are not logged in, you may do so using the form below if available." can a mod help me out please or something -?
  22. say I have created pic1.psd and brought that into AE.... then I want to rework the image, so I go back into photoshop & name it pic2.psd bring that into AE (as a single image) and AE automatically creates a little img sequence of the 2 images in my project window. which I don't want. this is a new feature of AE 7 which I want to turn off because it's really annoying me now. checked in prefs, cant see where to change the settings. (if I named pic2 say...."picture2.psd" it wouldn't do this)
  23. chips


    yeah it was really good for $80 and I definately got a lot from this overall. haha that dance thing was so bad. we only hung around because we thought Chris Watts was coming on after.
  24. chips


    yeah. was pretty good overall. I was impressed by the guys from Motion Theory. they had a great attitude. Scott Hanson ran a good workshop. seemed a nice chap as well. anyone else catch the dance/art performance/naked/random rantings/singing man and woman on Sat evening?
  25. havent really used expressions in AE much. want to test these though. Do I create a new camera and alt click on it's position property and then copy one of these codes?
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