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  1. If you need any freelancers let me know Not everyone gets their heads around vvvv, but once you do, its incredibly flexible, I got into it when I was working on screen content for TV shows, needed to make a lot of loops quickly and to order, mostly do interactive things now...
  2. Being a vvvv user, I'd say use that! The new DX11 particle systems are really powerful and fast, I find it really hard using non realtime tools now!
  3. as an update, exporting the texture from c4d results in it being blurry too.. And further test, exporting as a png seems to have fixed it!
  4. I have a project where I'm creating visuals for a cubic array of LED's, basically a strip of LED's down all the edges of a bunch of cubes. My plan was to UV map the LED strips as 1 pixel wide strips as they will be driven by video, the pixels being mapped out to the real world pixels. I've come to do this and have discovered that c4d likes to blur textures, so that my 2d map of 1 pixel thick lines looks blury in the UV editor, and also in renders like that on the object. I have set the material properties to None in the sampling box, and the preview in there looks right. Is this possible in c4d? https://copy.com/iqI0NpgrVNboYKYX is a link to the project, going to UV edit, and zooming the texture to 100%, and it looks blurry, and this seems to be how it renders too! I'm hoping theres a setting somewhere I dont know about! Thanks...
  5. Thats a mockup isn't it? Its too bright and too clean to be the projection, and I don't see any shadows of the columns, unless you used 1 projector, and then it wouldn't be that bright... And the edit is far too crazy! A couple of view point changes is fine, but all that zooming in is really off putting! Ahh it says mockup in the about vimeo at the bottom, I'll watch I live one now... Yeah the live one is much better! I have some tools for 3d mapped playout if your interested? Softedging on to geometry, 3d mesh editing and matching...
  6. What polititions are lying to you? never... in the uk £37,000-150,000 its 40% 150,000+ its 50% So you get hit more the more you earn...
  7. Ah Yanks without passports huh... They've got McDonalds and pizzahut you know... I've recently done some work in Qatar and Dubai, and yes there not western countries, and they have *gosh* their own culture, and *double gosh* they don't want to simply turn into a us colony like the rest of the world is. I'm not sure I want to live there, but its a pleasent enough place to visit and work for a while, and the people who live there say they stay for the lifestyle, good food, good education, good money. All the Qataries that I met recently were lovely, friendly polite people, and TBH I think I prefered Qatar to Dubai, possibly because its less western, Dubai is 90% immigrants from all over the world. A lot of Indians and Malaysians going the shity work, like the us has Hispanic I imagine. And for TVP's information Islam is a continuation from christianity, like christianity is a continuation of Judaism, and in its purist form is a peaceful religion about a direct dialog with god, where it goes astray is with people telling other people what the quaran means, a bit like Christianity and priests. Most of the hate has been fueled by the west installing dictators, redrawing countries boundaries, double dealing, stealing resources etc, they'd be fucked off with the west even if they were christian, when you've been fucked over for a long time, people get violent. Just how many hundreds of thousands have been killed in Iraq, and Afganistan, in order to revenge 3000 US citizans for example. I remember hearing that everyone in the US had been touched personally by the Twin Towers atrocity, so how many Muslims have been touched by the past 100 years, or even 10 years of killings all over the middle east, in the name of Cold War, Oil, Regime change, in Saddam Husseins case, the US supplied with him with WMD's to try and overthrow Iran, in afganistan weapons and training to fight Russia You think this double dealing might have fostered a slight suspicion with western values? Couple that to the World bank and IMF only giving aid or loans, if you sell off your national resources to multinationals, and you can hardly blame them for not wanting western values, in fact we play into fundamentalist hands by doing so, ask yourself how you would feel if this was happening to your country ( or wait till china calls in your national debt, or stops selling you rare earth metals for your tech industry, and you might find out sooner than you think ) Middle Eastern politics and history is a very complicated subject filled with very bad decision and acts on all sides, really instead of going in all guns blazing to get them and make them pay, it would have been far better to try and sort out the mess that we are all responsible for, it just maybe have reduced fundmentalism in Islam, and in the west, and might have been a more fitting memory to those who died. Unless of course Christanity is a religon based on Hate as well? Personally I think any religion that claims to be the only way, has got to be wrong, and to be honest, that goes for capitalism and communism too, they are as many ways as there are people. Thats a message from Old Europe, where we still have people who remember the bombs falling and whole city blocks being destroyed. Peace
  8. render to frames and carry on from where it gets you to? Th epurge every frame usually does it for me, if that doesn;t work...?
  9. If you hold down shift while your select the prefrences menu there is a secret menu that enables you to purge ram, it slows down rendering, but at least you get them done!
  10. Did you see the Fall last year, don't think it even made the cinemas over here (uk), beautiful, takes up Gilliams mantle, that he seems to have miss-placed poor man... Seems to happen a bit these days, studios are too scared to take a punt, despite having funded something, they just let it fizzle... Well if it had Bruce Willis then we could sell it but you know, who are these people... Looks good, just watched the trailer, probably make it over here in a year or 2, on dvd...
  11. I'll try and take note next time, mines seems to happen after my ram preview lengths start dropping, having to purge memory a lot more than cs3 to get that up a bit, I just presumed it was a low memory error, this is on my mbp with only 2gb. OSX10.5.7 by the way...
  12. catweasel


    Back in the day, rendering was something you did overnight... Or a you could try a very long lunch mmmm
  13. Actually the demo vids, don't do it justice... It does temporal noise removal as well, it completely gets rid of the compression blocs and the key frame jumps that I was getting with the casio, flatish colours breath and show blocks normally, all smooth and peachy aftterwards... I think its something to watch rather use right now...
  14. I been looking at vreveal, it does a great job with compression artifacts, make the hi speed video of a casio f1 almost usable...Actually for some of my purposes actually usable , just can't export to any useful formats at the moment, wmv or uncompressed avi only... Also runs on cuda, for those with funky gfx cards...I'm interested to see where it goes, could be quite a nice image restorer...
  15. I use Carbon Copy Cloner to do my backups http://bombich.com/ccc It makes a bootable clone that you can then do updates to, which means if your drive goes tits up, you can boot straight away from your backup, saves messing around doing restores when you deadline approaches!
  16. catweasel

    New Music

    I've been listening to Caribou, a LOT! The Milk of Human Kindness is my favourite, but Andorra is pretty good too, kind of Fourtety but very 60's psychedelic too, some tracks sound straight out of 1969 UK psyche, others blissful electronica, its a solo project that he takes out live with a band... Used to be Manitoba but got sued for the name! myspace And Johnny Foreigner for a completely different vibe, lots of yelping boy/girl vocals and noisy guitars, an amazingly dense sound for a 3 piece, and from my home town too, makes me proud! myspace
  17. My first computer was an amstrad cpc464, but my first love was my amiga 1200, which I vj'd with on tours around europe in 96, using Video Tracker my friends however still use they're first loves, ZX spectrums, use 5 of them for live music and in some cases simultaneous audio and visuals ( i do the none spectrum visuals with them) http://www.youtube.com/results?search_quer...q=2&oq=zxsp Watch in awe! (Well Im in awe when I see them!)
  18. I've used TMPGenc for I-frame mpg2's, but can't remember if it will make a avi.... You might just find renaming the .mpg to .avi, might be enough, maybe check that out with your man, and I'll try and have a look at TMPGenc later for you!
  19. It might be worth stumping up for procare, if you need it in a hurry, it makes them bump you up to the top of the que, although procare has changed now 1to1 or something so I dont know if this still happens. I had poping on pc's years ago (like 10) and it was down to either too small buffers in 1 case and no sheilding on the sound card in the other, but the pops only occured when playing things not when idle, so wouldnt expect it to be that, I'd get it looked at...
  20. They've got better videos than that, they were all on youtube last time I looked, they rock!
  21. I use vvvv for generative stuff (and installations, custom apps, multitouch and all sorts of things I used to use ae for!), I do more and more in it as its so fast and so powerfull once you get into it, but then I'm a vj, so make more splodge than most of you fine fellows, check sanch.tv for some cool vvvv-ness (its pc only and can be found at vvvv.org if you fancy a go!)
  22. I've also used ccc without starting from another drive with no problems whatsoever!
  23. You can claim 20p per mile you cycle for business trips...
  24. That would be great, except for the fact that I work for myself and have had 2 bikes knicked from outside the station in the past 4 months, got camera's bristling all over the place, but noone actually watching them. The first time I rang the Transport Police and they mentioned that someone had been spotted wandering about with some bolt cutters, but of course noone followed him or anything. The first one was a nice bike too, the second cheapest in the shop! So much for public transport!
  25. Getdataback is the one I've used, its pretty good, especially with deleted files, disk errors can take days to recover though! My worse data deletion was I bought a seagate external to backup to, which died within an hour of plugging in and shifting some files to, so they were gone as I got my money back on the peice of shit, the next week before I got a replacement my HD went in my macbook, spent 10 days recovering data, got about 1/4 of it. Been through 2 HD in my macbook now, be warned! Oh and Good luck!
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