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    My name is Joel Dubin and I am a Cinema 4D generalist working for a science animation studio outside of Philadelphia.
  1. 2010-2012 I was doing a lot of stereo, but I havent had one stereo show since. Seems dead (except for theatrical film as stated above)
  2. Soooo...anyone plug one in yet? Wondering if the D500 would be enough, or is there a strong argument on why I should get the D700? Been hovering my cursor over the buy now button but still not decided on configuration. I should do it before the shipping date slips to May.
  3. Make sure you turn off the app-nap feature before rendering. I've had c4d renders slow to a standstill after the monitor powers off or screensaver comes on. Thats the biggest gotcha I've discovered (thanks to srek!) http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-13727_7-57612009-263/how-to-disable-app-nap-in-os-x-mavericks/
  4. Was just sent this link the other day about ProEXR 1.8 (AE). Sorry if this is old news (I dont post here much). http://fnordware.blogspot.com
  5. Nice pack 8bitfactory--thanks for sharing Also noticed you included a plug for my floaties rig thanks. See you've got the old link there --might want to change to: http://joelotron.com/2012/06/01/microfloaties-rig-for-cinema-4d/ or the direct dload https://www.dropbox.com/s/r53rl0cf6f3nyly/MICROFLOATIES.zip
  6. Hire this man http://xanspencer.com/
  7. JoelD

    RPF Files!!

    I stopped using RPFs (and RLAs) when I discovered that NET doesnt support them (as another poster mentions) Net only handles RGB+A channels I think EXRs work however if you are looking for a similar workflow (channels versus passes)
  8. Here's a free tool for Cinema 4D built out of mograph cloners that allows for the quick creation of floating dust particles in your scene. Although it has obvious uses for medical animation, it's not limited to that. Easy to use, pretty zippy in the editor window and renders fast. Its still got some growing to do---hope to add more features and refinements in the near future. Needs C4D R12 Studio (dynamics and mograph) -joel Direct download Vid tute @my blog
  9. Something to consider, there have been noted rare NET server bugs on the mac side. Not a deal breaker, but they crop up occasionally-- ie: multiple clients appear to be allocated the same frames to render and "phantom" nonexisting clients appearing in your queue. These bugs can cause a render to hang as the frame noted in the NET manager is not actually rendering. So for your NET server box (not your clients), might want to stick with a PC just to be safe. Something to keep at the back of your mind at least. (Edit--realized later that I assumed this was a c4d farm)
  10. Being reported that she did indeed have a stroke. Edit ...and other sources confirm otherwise http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/showtracker/2011/02/kcbs-reporter-talks-her-way-into-post-grammy-drama.html
  11. if anyone's interested in how the saga of the failed output error ended up, it was RSMB applied to a scaled layer--which as I already knew--is a no-no. Wasnt immediately obvious as it was on a layer well beneath the footage that was visible onscreen. Thanks everyone for your input. Getting to that point where half the problems I encounter are problems I've already solved before. Its like motion graphics Memento. Maybe this thread will be helpful to me 2 years from now when I make the same mistake.
  12. Right now, in order to output this thing, I am rendering everything up to the bad frame, then rendering from the next frame till the end of the comp. Thats working fine. For some reason, no matter what I do, theres one frame that wont render or preview. If I scrub the playhead, the green line even skips that frame. If I try to export the frame (save frame as) that fails as well. I'll marry the 2 pieces and somehow will get that one frame in there too if possible. Quite weird.
  13. Yes--shades of motionbuilder--thought the same thing. I finally threw out the app box of disks and manuals I had for 8 or 9 years.
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