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  1. Patdc

    New Reel & Site

    Thanks Dave, was great to see it on Motionographer.
  2. Patdc

    New Reel & Site

    Hi I have put up a new reel & site, http://www.pat-dc.com Any feedback appreciated. Cheers
  3. Hi Palmer Glad you like the work. We're a small studio, our print side is usually 3.5 fulltime designers and our motion department is usally 2.5 (.5 as our creative director jumps from Print to Motion at the same time so his across a bit of everything at one time). We expand with freelancers as we need them for bigger jobs. By the way nice work on your site, especially like your boards/personal work.
  4. Thanks for the feedback, as for the audio that's fair enough, it's such a personal taste thing. The audio we used is actually an audio sketch from our sound guy who is away atm, so we might update it in the near future once he gets back from overseas. Cheers.
  5. Thanks guys. I think everyone in the studio is happy to have some new work out there.
  6. Hi, just wanted to let everyone know that Qube Konstrukt have finally had enough time to put up a new website & reel which can be viewed at: http://www.qubekonstrukt.com/ It features over two years worth of new work as well as older projects - spanning branding, design, print, motion and illustration. Cheers
  7. Hi, I did something like this back in '04, Example I used the same kind of method as the guys said before. It involved breaking the shapes up in illustrator and also drawing a path on a solid above each layer in after effects. Then adding 3d stroke to the path layer which was used as an alpha (setting different thicknesses to match the different widths). When things overlap you need to break it all up into seperate sections so one 'flourish' might be broken up into three sections. Hope that helps.
  8. Patdc

    growing polygons

    Straight out of Max's help guide: The Slice modifier lets you create a cutting plane that slices through a mesh, creating new vertices, edges and faces based on the location of the slice plane gizmo. The vertices can either refine or split the mesh according to the selected options. The Slice modifier slices through groups, selected objects or sub-object selections of faces.
  9. Hi Barb Thats a good attuide you got, stick with it. Heres a few links, in case you needed more insperation: http://feed.stashmedia.tv/ http://www.cpluv.com/ http://www.newstoday.com/ http://www.designiskinky.net/
  10. Patdc

    growing polygons

    You sure can Monkey. just right click the scale transform icon and you can change it in Offset:Local to 0 - comes in handy but I can imagine 0.001 would do the trick too. As for booleans, their pretty bad in 3ds max so I'd go with the slice modifer which are much easier to animate and change.
  11. Patdc

    growing polygons

    Qube Konstrukt use 3ds max - I've worked on a freelance job there . This might be very tight keyframing scale=0 at frame 1 then scale=100 at frame 4.
  12. Patdc


    This is a tight reel. Great work.
  13. Hi Barbara Met_shop made some good comments, defintly have a look around at places like motiongrapher (for motion) and even start looking at more solely design based sites like computer love (cpluv.com) to help start building up a bit more of a design eye. I think some of the work does look a bit dated, maybe some daily insperation of where moton and design is at the moment might help. It's not easy but stick with it
  14. Thanks alot for the kind words. I'm in Sydney, Australia.
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