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  1. Walks = Magic That bitch of a problem will suddenly solve itself. That one-more-approach will suddenly appear. Also: Good. Cheap. Fast Pick two, not one.
  2. Yeah, Sp3ktr - stoked to see your work!
  3. Thanks for the comments guys. The music was definitely a bit risky this time around, but thought I'd give it a try anyway. - d
  4. Hey Everybody, This is my 3rd reel after 5 years in the industry. Please have a look when you have a chance, and of course, any criticism is greatly appreciated! Good, bad, whatever. I can take it. I've recently taken the freelance plunge and ready to rock n roll- www.dragemotiondesign.com [ brief boobs, but otherwise safe for work] Thanks - d
  5. - Holga Photography - Simple. Non-technical. Inspiring results.
  6. Yeah, man. dope! Looks like a fun project to build, and it is charming to watch. You've done a lot with a little, and have worked the overall gestalt well to really sharpen and embed the overall character of the piece. Well done!
  7. I second Cineversity but kinda wish sample projects were beefier. Lynda.com is always a good standby too.
  8. No, it's actually a simple cube in an empty scene. . . . and waiting to hear back from maxon . . .
  9. Anyone else having problems scrubbing in the timeline window? Even moving a single cube will freeze the timeline for up to 20 seconds. This makes the using the timeline unbearable! C4D v11.0 MacPro
  10. Nice reel! You are continuing to grow your already strong skill set. Your animation and camera work are strong, as well as your use of color. Continue to work on your typography skills. The use of type is good for now but I've noticed that reels that take typography up a notch actually puts the work as a whole on a whole new level. The quick edit is nice but maybe for a bit too long and too quick of an edit. If you made it less intense, there's a chance it will leave more of an impact. But thats one for you to feel out. I think your choice of music works well, it doesn't bug me as much as others have mentioned. I definitely want to check out the final with head/tail.
  11. ah, cool - i love this look! what i've found that works: - reduce the amount of concentric circles in each "wave" - make the circles a bit thicker (although this won't affect the edge quality) - depth of field on the camera will eliminate the problem where it begins to blur - and any way to blur the edges a bit ( grayscale drop off, enable motion blur, camera moves) - also if you reduce the contrast between black and white, that will help pick and choose what works. and maybe in the end it won't matter anyway if the attention is directed elsewhere!
  12. do you have a sample?? It might be the nature of the artwork in relation to the screen pixels.
  13. If shadows are the problem you can just kill them altogether - or drop the shadow darkness to like 10%.
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