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  1. cameron


    you're the coolest ever ryan!
  2. Good suggestion about the role. Would you just put that "upfront" with the other credit stuff? I would say that I did 95% of all the "animation" that you see on my reel and probably 80% of the design.
  3. Thanks for the feedback guys! I think I'm going to work on that intro...shorten it up and add a few more pieces of work.
  4. Hey all. I'm officially freelance as of tomorrow. I've updated my reel that I actually posted on here back in the spring. Unfortunately, some of the things I've been working on that I would consider "cool" aren't able to be shown yet, so this reel will have to do. I'm open to any thoughts or suggestions about my reel. And of course, anyone interested in hiring me, I'm available. http://www.akamrblack.com
  5. Yo Rothermel. Is Kansas City too far away? One of these days you need to hire me. The new website and reel will be coming soon.
  6. Hi all. I'm having this weird issue where I can't shift-select edges or polys in C4D. I used to be able to. If I shift select now it just selects the new region and doesn't retain what was already selected. Please help! I'm on a mac if that makes any difference.
  7. ok. no one's answering. who does that song? i need it.
  8. great work! kickass stuff on there. what's the song? i like it.
  9. cameron

    my new reel

    i see that you're in KC too. that's cool.
  10. cameron

    my new reel

    Many, many, many years ago I had to opportunity to work for the Baysinger Group. Let me just say that it was quite the experience. One I quickly forgot.
  11. cameron

    my new reel

    Mograph in KC kinda stinks. The company I work for for the dayjob is cool. We have some decent mograph projects come through the door. Down the street is MK12. Haven't done any work for them though. Other than that I have to do remote freelance to get the cool gigs.
  12. cameron

    my new reel

    In my opinion that one client isn't someone I probably want to work for.
  13. cameron

    my new reel

    I'm straight out of compton...and into Kansas City.
  14. cameron

    my new reel

    I'm straight out of compton...
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