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  1. I used the same adapter with a FW800 -> FW400 cable to a 9pin->4pin adapter n a consumer dvcam. worked great in iMovie and FCP.
  2. I installed a SSD for my os and apps. I did a complete clean install of all of my apps, the only thing I migrated were my mail accounts, bookmarks and keychains(they hold your passwords). It was a major speedup of launching of all my apps, they also seem to respond faster(maybe they read info off the startup drive). If you don't have enough room on the SSD you can move your home folder to a different disk. Though with all of the adobe apps cinema4d, FCP, motion, iWork, Office, and several other apps I still have over 30 gigs available out of 128gigs. I put all of the tutorial files and such to a different disk I did keep my previous star up disk for when I need to use apps that don't work well with Lion. I notice a major difference in speed and responsiveness in the system. YMMV good luck mdr
  3. Firemind, Yeah dutch "SINT" horror comedy. Palatino kind of with more flourishes and the little a has it's belly on the ground. thanks mdr
  4. Hey all, I'm looking for a font for a job. I'm replicating the titles and credits in english and the client is having a hard time getting me the name of the font. Caslon No 337 is close but a bit too fancy shmancy. Any help would be appreciated. thanks mdr
  5. Hi all, I've already posted this over at the C4d forum but I thought I'd try here as well. There is an AE script that will generate a comp for every line of text in a spreadsheet. Lower thirds script First you make a template comp with all of the attributes scale, color, background etc… then you play the script and select a spreadsheet. Voila, a different comp for every line of text in the spreadsheet. Is there any thing like this for C4D? I have 30 3d text layers to generate all separate with alphas. This would be a great boon to productivity, or do I just have to hammer it out manually? Any help would be appreciated thanks mdr
  6. I just installed an 27" NEC MultiSync PA271W $1,600 USD for a client that's a photographer. I came with the SpectraViewII Color Calibration puck. Nice display, sharp color extremely even across the entire screen, matte finish. 2560 x 1440 so it will fit an HD frame with room for timeline (though I still prefer two monitors). If m monitor goes belly up I'd probably get it. good luck mdr
  7. Rebus farm worked pretty well for me but it was a simple scene.
  8. Make a blank layer. And add markers at 25 second intervals and use J and K to move through them.
  9. delrossi


    Shure SRH840 Pro Reference Headphones, Closed-Back Suggested retail $199 I got them at j&r for around $125. Usually listen to my 580's but these are great when you need a closed back.. mdr
  10. How about: AfterEffects, Photoshop, Maya, etc… You've got the template how long did it take you to develop the app? Did you have any programing experience? How long did it take apple to approve? How are the sales going? thanks mdr Edit: just bought it, can't use it on my jailbreak phone 4.0.1 is there a way to make it compatible? Or is it an Apple thing? I'm not about to upgrade to 4.2 till there is a jailbreak. Works a treat on the iPad
  11. I've got to read the manual I've got to read the manual I've got to read the manual I've got to read the manual I've got to read the manual I've got to read the manual :blush:
  12. I'm not at my computer, but I think it's in the save/output tab.
  13. I had a similar problem with a scene that someone did for me. Check that the render space is 32 bit float or openExr. Good luck mdr
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