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  1. I was wondering if they are other people out there who may be interested to share a space near Santa Monica & Venice. Last year, I had a great office in Venice. It was a friendly atmosphere and a great space shared between a few architects and myself. But I would prefer today to share with people in the same field as I am. I will explain below why. I am into moving images. Motion graphics to be specific, with interest in 2D, 3D, film, photography, stop-motion, typography illustration, graphic design... I would like to find 1 or 2 other people who are in the same field, at a high level too. Friendly people, no autistic mentality please, nor some artist with lack of hygiene! Sorry if I get into such details, but I have seen every kind of designer in my career, trust me. The main reason for sharing a studio, is to get out of my house, ideas exchange, constructive exchange, critics exchange, learning from each other, etc. I can be stucked sometimes for hours on a project, and then someone walking by saying "oh, you should do this..." and get it resolved. Please if you're interested, write me directly an email to info@rafaelmacho.com Please visit my website to see what I do. http://www.rafaelmacho.com
  2. A contract is always good for both parties. Are you an AIGA member? You may try to contact them they can give you some names.
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