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  1. hella dope, keep up the awesome work. mograph should be often funny, like this
  2. this is a depressing thread. ive totally been there myself, and its crazy what shit costs the individual on some plans
  3. i think you can only do it with the move tool maybe also you need a bezier type spline
  4. i only run a MBP for now, waiting on more horsepower, does the sub poly displacement really kick up the render times? i havent tried anything much with it, but imagine its brutal to get those nice round displacements?...
  5. my bad yeah, its a good looking spot
  6. i actually think those flames were live action comped over 3d renders
  7. jablinko

    Reel of show

    dude, sick reel. feels up to date and tightly cut question- (assuming you're working in cinema4d) - how did you get the yellowy inside of that fracturing chunk to be a different mat than the black outer? that looks dope btw
  8. ahh HR people same people that if they dont know what theyre doing start off with a bad image of you just based on you knowing what mograph should pay for the various levels, which is usually more than their perfumed asses. usually its a creative director making the hiring decisions right?
  9. dang... sounds more hobby than pro then... too bad i would love to have the speed for less money, but i love the apple os and have software for mac that is still current (enough) on the up side new macs are supposed to be announced soon, but damn if that isnt a pain in the wallet. if windows 7 is as stable as advertised maybe its time to consider...
  10. hey is anyone doing well with a hackintosh home built PC running OSX? I'd love to have a render and heavy duty c4d machine running OSX, but to be able to jump in around $1500. just started thinking about this with what sounds like upcoming dual hexacore mac pros coming out soon, which is what i was thinking but those are starting to get really costly
  11. lets kill this thing and maybe make sticky thread starting with best practices for working with these bastard h264 movs, cause it is an interesting topic, but this incrnation of this tpic is total garbage
  12. what about weed... sometimes for me if i have to work late (until the thing i have to do is done,) weed helps me stay up and remain vigilant.. i know for some people it mellows them out but for me it gets me all wired. the paranoia it sometimes brings is also helpful in a way to being self-critical, which i would say seems to be lacking in the bottom end of our market
  13. jablinko

    pushing back

    so im wondering about the designers role, which i would say included some level of pushing back. coming from an editing back ground, with clients often sitting in, i felt like part of my style was to offer alternative views sometime if i felt that their idea was wrong. obviously thats a fine line and you dont have unlimited wild cards to play in terms of pushing back, but how do you guys feel its best handled also, i feel like its different if an animator is hired by an interactive agency per se, and you are the sole animator/designer on the project, in a way you are representing your discipline to people who may not know the discipline as intimately. i mean, the safest thing to do is take their comments as gospel, even if it fucks the project, but then the project ends up being fucked... so on projects you do care about, how do you not put the fridge in the bathroom when asked?
  14. ditto - you are kind of a c4d celeb, i would happily repay what ive learned from you if i lived anywhere near
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