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  1. jeba

    final reel

    looks good man. The beginning feels really natural, you got that totem pole to come in ultra smooth and the frog tongue is sweet. I think you could probably take out a few of your weaker pieces and bring it's length down a bit. But the presence of that work definitely shows off how fast your skills are improving. So I'd say leave it all in and let people know your rising fast.
  2. Beautiful Dorena t h e . c o o l e s t . d e s i g n . a p p . e v e r Usefulness...? hmmm... that depends. But if your working for LFS on a Mtv spot than absolutely. Beautiful Dorena is Craig Hickman's passion and personal project. If the name doesn't ring, he was the original creator of Kid Pix. The application has a playful nostalgic feeling to it that really brings back the days of indoor recess and Oregon Trail. It's the only program I know of where you can paint with live video and draw with what I'd like to call the pong brush. It's free to download, so tell Adobe to take a break and see what Craig's been up to. go there now Sorry PC's this puppy's Mac only. (recent photo of craig taken by dorena) btw- Dorena does not play well with certain fonts so be sure to quit suitcase or whatever you use before running her.
  3. jeba

    about to graduate...

    Awesome, thank you very much. That gave me both the advice and confidence I needed.
  4. jeba

    My 2007 Demo Reel

    Overall it looks pretty dope. I really dig the shakey bits of light you have in the intro and your seemless zooming transitions. I only have two bits of criticism: one is that you have alot of vectory stuff in there with a selective pallete. I think you could benefit from adding more texture and some unexpected bits of color to mix it up. Also, some of the things seem to quickly move and stop, like the soldiers and the houses that come right after. Even a subtle zoom or panning may be enough to make the motion feel a little more fluid. Also those vector pieces could make for some great track mattes that you could feather-in when transitioning from clip to clip. Nice work, keep it up.
  5. jeba

    about to graduate...

    Wow, thanks guys. Your comments mean a lot, especially coming from the Sermon. I feel I was lucky to work at Stardust, I didn't have much motion work going in there and they pay their interns exceptionally well. Deedeee, thats a good call on setting the fast start, we're all impatient these days, I'll do it for sure. And Jeffrey, I think you're right I should probably add a title. But do you really think sending out printed material is the best way to present my work? I was thinking maybe emails with pdf's or a link to my site. Also I did get to work with Kim while I was there in NY and she was a major influence while I was there. In a way I'm still not totally sure on the paid-internship / freelance thing only because I'd rather be a paid-intern at an A-list company than freelance at a mediocre one. While I could use the extra money, I value education and want to learn from the best. The big question that remains with me though is how to go about making contacts. Should I just email every company I'd like to work at with a short letter and link to my site? What's the best way to get their attention? Does it come with luck or perseverance? Does anybody know? What have you all tried that's worked? Thank's in advance for any further advice you can give me.
  6. jeba

    Peter Callesen

    wow, that guy is both talented and insane. Or maybe he's just insanely talented. how long do you think it'll be til someone copies his aesthetic and makes a badass commercial for epson paper?
  7. I wouldn't bother using maya if you only have the PLE. It would be a real bitch trying to stamp out that watermark. You'd be much better off just making the whole thing in photoshop. Or if you really want an accurate 3d rendered look, you could try downloading a free 3d app like Wings 3d at http://www.wings3d.com/. Id say the easiest way to add perspective to the text would be to first type it out in photoshop, then go to the layer menu_rasterize type, then press ctrl+T or apple T on a mac to enable free transform. the transform box will appear around the text, then you can press ctrl or apple and drag the corners to distort the text.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm new here but have been listening in for some time now. I'm about to graduate with a BFA in graphic design and just launched my first website. While it's still lacking some project descriptions and a few other things I am eager to hear what people have to say. I am hoping to work as a boards designer in either NY or LA. I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to take a look at my work and let me know what you think it needs, what I should take out, what my strongest / weakest piece is etc. The more you can tell me the better. I was also wondering what the best way to contact / present my work to companies would be. I am fairly new to motion graphics outside of the experience I gained interning at stardust last summer. Do you think i have a shot at freelancing or am i better off looking for another internship. all criticism welcome and greatly appreciated. www.jeffbaghai.com
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